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A “Synchronized Downturn” Calls for a “Synchronized Response”

... slowdown” across the globe with the Fund revising its growth projection for global economic growth downwards and putting the 2019 growth estimate at the lowest level since the 2008-2009 financial crisis This year’s Annual meetings of the IMF and the World Bank in Washington DC revealed a growing preoccupation with the mounting signs of a slowdown in the world economy. The IMF’s diagnosis was that of a “synchronized slowdown” across the globe with the Fund revising its growth projection for ...


Putin’s self-destructing economy

... subsequent projections of growth resuming later this year also look unrealistic. Both the international financial institutions and Russia’s economic ministry now agree that the economy will not grow in 2016; the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank projected a 0.6 percent decline in December, while last week Russian authorities said they expected a 0.8 percent contraction. Nonetheless, the current consensus is that the economy will resume expanding in 2017. If that indeed happens, one may say that the whole thing was another ordinary economic downturn caused ...


BRICS and food security

... China, India and Brazil, who are impacted by drought and infrastructure problems that step on their economic performance. And Russia is dealing with a sanctions regime that includes food, orchestrated by Washington and its European allies. BRICS food ... ... It smarts of the fuzzy global governance logic inherent in the “Kickstarter” approach Moon and his allies at the World Bank, NGOs and other Western interests used in an effort to raise funds for the Ebola crisis. But that effort did not achieve ...


Post-2015 Millennium Development Goals and Russia’s Input in the Renewed Partnership Discussed in Moscow

... the role of civil society groups, accountability and transparency of international development data and other matters. The first session of the workshop was moderated by RIAC Director General Andrey Kortunov. Agenda Related Links Official website of Russia’s G8 Presidency The World Bank report “Financing for Development. Post-2015” Letter from Co-Chairs OWG SDGs 21 February 2014 Focus areas document_OWG SDGs_21 February 2014


Logistics Performance in Russia is Problematic and Unpredictable

... the first time, the World Bank and Finland's Turku School of Economics launched the Logistics Performance Index to measure countries’ logistics “friendliness.” In this interview for RIAC Dr. Lauri Ojala, initiator and co-author of World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index (LPI), speaks about the Index itself, its trends and Russia’s performance. Interviewee: Lauri Ojala , Professor of Logistics at the Turku School of Economics, Finland Interviewer: Maria Prosviryakova , Russian International Affairs Council Photo: Dr. Lauri Ojala What does the Logistics Performance ...


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