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Andrey Kortunov Gives a Public Lecture at Pantheon-Sorbonne University (Paris 1)

On January, 30, Andrey Kortunov , RIAC Director General, gave a public lecture "Russia in the New World Order: Challenges, Opportunities and Strategies" at Pantheon-Sorbonne University (Paris 1). The lecture was attended by 300 people, including Sorbonne University professors and postgraduate students, Paris think-tanks representatives,...


Soft Power, Economic Diversification and Dilemmas Facing Russian Universities

There are now fewer people speaking Russian around the world, and the number of experts on Russia is on the decline. Russian universities will clearly have a hard time competing against the top British and US schools and could focus on areas in which they are recognized as leaders. According to the discourse both within and beyond Russia, the two key issues the country is facing ...


Experts Offer Ways to Bring Russian Science and Education on a Global Level

... Russian Federal Migration Service (FMS), the International Russian-Speaking Academic Science Association (RASA), the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Russian Foundation for Humanities (RFH), the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR), leading Russian universities, and RIAC experts. During the first session, RIAC presented a report “ Development of Cooperation with the Russian Academic Diaspora: Experience, Problems and Prospects ", written in partnership with Inconsult K and RASA. RIAC ...


RIAC Electronic Internationalization Index Presented at Russian University of Peoples' Friendship

... presented the results of RIAC's project on internationalization and international operations of universities, stressing the value of the electronic internationalization index produced by researchers of RIAC. Displaying the strong and weak points of Russian universities' Internet resources, the index has been used to launch an educational program for development of the university websites. " The Internet, social media and the growing international role of the English language are pushing universities ...


University of Turin Joins Project "Globalization 2.0: New Approaches to Research and Teaching"

... accompanied with Program Coordinator Tatiana Bagdasarova held talks with Sergio Bortalani, Pro-Rector of Universita degli studi di Torino, on cooperation in the education area. The first stage of engagement implies participation of the University of Turin in Russian-Italian Project "Globalization 2.0: New Approaches to Research and Teaching". The parties agreed on incorporating the university's curriculums and courses on globalization and globalization issues in the world politics of today in the ...


Report on the Second Seminar on the Exchange of Experience between Russian and Italian Experts on the Issues of Globalization in Education and Conducting Research

... International University to exchange experience; holding summer and winter schools for students and lecturers at Venice International University; creating a database of publications devoted to global issues; developing joint partnership projects for Russian universities along the lines of the European Union’s Erasmus+ Programme; designing joint Russian–Italian master’s programmes in global studies and international relations. The study courses and programmes presented at the seminar will ...


Second Russian-Italian Seminar within the Project "Globalization 2.0: New Approaches to Research and Teaching" Held in Kaliningrad

... universities holding RIAC corporate membership and five Italian universities, among them V enice International University , University La Sapienza , Bari University , University of Tor Vergata and Universita degli Studi di Roma 3. The faculty of Russian and Italian universities presented curriculums and courses on global issues and international relations selected by RIAC for exchange of teaching practices and development of training and methodological support. The improved products will be included in collected ...


Yaroslav Kuzminov: “University Is a Competitive Network Environment”

... foreign professors and academic staff, which makes us the university with the biggest proportion in Russia according to this indicator. But even so that is less than 10%. If we take the global American and British universities, the figure is about 40-60%. Russian universities could invite far more foreign specialists and students. The reasons for the limitations are economic. 5/100 Russian Academic Excellence Project At the same time we must note that the Russian leadership has recently been incentivising the ...


RIAC Launches a New Globalization Project

In partnership with Venice International University (VIU) , the Russian International Affairs Council and Russian universities with its corporate membership are setting up the project "Globalization 2.0: New Approaches to Research and Teaching " intended to establish a bilateral exchange connected to research and education initiatives on globalization ...


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