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We Do Not Want Western Balkans to Become an Arena of Geopolitical and Geo-Economic Confrontation

... notice the pressure that has been and continues to be exerted on WB countries to force them to join EU sanctions policy against Russia without any regard to specific national interest and long-lasting ties. A policy of drawing WB countries into NATO, another ... ... guarantees that the so-called “armed forces”, consisting mainly of the “KLA” terrorists, will not be used against the Serbian population in the north of the region in the future. We support the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue under the auspices of the ...


On Challenges in Developing ‘Mandated’ Areas

... The occasionally flashing demand to close off economic ties with the neighboring states, Serbia and Croatia, seems absurd, as Serbia and B&H are part of the Western Balkan Six, a project to strengthen regional integration implemented within the framework ... ... Herzegovina whose problems are consonant with the problems of other post-conflict states (for example, Lebanon or Moldova). Russia is against extending the powers of the OHR. Although this position looks confrontational, Russia raises an essential question: ...


Serbia’s EU accession: Pipe Dream or Possible Reality?

... to officially recognize Kosovo. Its disputes with other countries that have recently changed their recognition of the country, such as Israel (The Times of Israel 2021), seem to point to the fact that Serbia is taking a tougher stance in this regard. Serbia relies on Russia’s veto as a permanent member of the UN Security Council in order to receive a more satisfactory resolution to the Kosovo dispute and to avoid being side-lined by the international community. Furthermore, President Vucic has publicly stated that ...


Online Expert Workshop on Prospects for Expanding Cooperation between Russia and Serbia at Present Stage

... Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Serbia to the Russian Federation; Andrey Kortunov, RIAC Director General; and Andrey Logatkin, Director-International Cooperation Department, ROSSETI PJSC. The speakers underscored the relevance and timeliness of discussing Russia-Serbia cooperation and expressed their hope for regular meetings in this format in the future. Other speakers included: Dragomir Karić, Deputy of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia; Andrey Khripunov, Trade Representative of Russia in Serbia; ...


Online Workshop on the Prospects for Cooperation between Russia and Serbia in the Context of COVID-19

... developing joint humanitarian, educational and cultural projects, referring to cooperation between Moscow and Belgrade on education programs for Serbian students in the Russian Federation. The participants noted positive prospects and increasing vitality of Russia-Serbia mutually beneficial cooperation, which is possible in the near or medium term, provided that Moscow has a more systemic and clear approach to the entire spectrum of processes taking place not only in Serbia and its regions, but in the Balkans in ...


Southeast Europe Today. Immediate Development Prospects

... provide potential EAEU investors with access to the region. The agreement makes it clear to the West, Turkey and China that Serbia is open to cooperation in all areas. Belgrade also follows a pragmatic policy in its military and political cooperation. Serbia has stepped up contacts both with Russia (the Slavic Shield 2019 military exercise and its purchase of Russian weapons) and with NATO states (the Shabla 2019 exercise involving the United States, Bulgaria and Serbia). This allows Belgrade to manoeuvre between the two opposing military ...


Possible International “Package Solution” Formats on the Balkans Issue

... Southeastern Europe; Russia, the US, and China took part in the deliberations of the Council, with the EU playing the main role). 2. Another scenario is the “Permanent Balkan Conference” led by the EU and mediated by high representatives from the U.S. and Russia. Such a decision could be enforced by changing the format of the Brussels talks, and with the consent of the Albanian and Serbian parties. 3. The third scenario is the “Permanent Balkan Conference — broad version” under the leadership of the UN Security Council. It would imply an increase in the number of Balkan negotiators and would entail a number of various territorial ...


Negotiations on Kosovo 2019 — Opportunities and Limitations for Russia

... Moscow. Obviously, the representatives of the ruling parties (in particular, Ivica Dacic, the head of the Serbian Foreign Ministry) also used this, saying that if the United States was included in the negotiations on the Pristina side, Belgrade would ask Russia to join in on the Serbian side. Such maneuvers by the Serbian authorities who got used to taking advantage of the "Russian card" whenever possible to solve various domestic political problems, creates the effect of “unrealistic expectations from Moscow.” ...


Serbia–EAEU: Integration Prospects in a Free Trade Area

Working Paper No. 37/2018 This working paper explores the prospects, risks and positive effects of Serbia joining a Free Trade Agreement with the EAEU. An analysis of current free trade agreements has demonstrated that Serbia strives to maintain a multi-vector foreign economic policy that straddles Europe and Eurasia. Serbia’s agreements with its ...


‘Brexit’ and ‘Belgradentry’: Serbia’s Accession to the EU after Brexit [vii] “Serbia’s ties with Russia ‘will be problem in EU talks’”, B92 (23 September 2016), accessed from [viii] “Russia-Serbia relations as ‘strategic partnership’”, B92 (23 September 2016), accessed from “Serbia’s Ties with Russia Must Not Undermine EU Bid – ...


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