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Perestroika Belarusian-Style: The Logic of the Systemic Crisis

... get the motor running once again. Some have called the events in Belarus a colour revolution, likening it to the Euromaidan protests that took place in Ukraine in 2013–2014. And while there are clearly parallels between the two, it would perhaps be ... ... the only thing stopping Belarus from becoming an “instability donor” is the continued political and economic support of Russia. The Origins of the Crisis Sergey Rekeda: The Union State of Russia and Belarus: Searching for a Development Vector At ...


Moldova: As Pavel Filip Forms Cabinet, the Opposition Unites in Protest

... side, the Russian Foreign Ministry revealed that it monitored the situation in Moldova closely, and President Vladimir Putin put the issue of Moldova on the agenda of the Security Council meeting. At the same time, severe criticism of power by the pro-Russian parties and their numerous acts of protests testify to the revolutionary stance of the opposition. This accounts for the uncompromising nature of their demands. DA Civil Platform has already supported the demand to freeze the Euro-integration of Moldova for a specified period, namely for ...


Russia – Learning from Armenia

... social tensions). For Russia, destabilization in Armenia is fraught with upsetting the status quo in Nagorno-Karabakh, and attempts to minimize the Russian influence in Transcaucasia as a whole. Therefore, Moscow too should draw lessons from the current protests. Russia should expand cooperation with Armenia inside the country. At present, it is confined to the executive branch. It is exceedingly important to build up contacts between Russian and Armenian lawmakers, as well as influential centres of the Armenian ...


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  1. In your opinion, what are the US long-term goals for Russia?
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