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BRICS Should Avoid Becoming an anti-US Group

... the British, who just chase the Americans all the time. Brazil has stood up to the US on many occasions. Similarly, in this kind of scenario, Mexicans are now standing up to China. This is why there is a feeling in India that bringing a country like Mexico actually phases out the advantage that China currently has, because China can really dictate terms within BRICS through Brazil and South Africa. It is also due to Russia no longer enjoying the status of a great power that it used to be — it is still a significant power, it’s a major power, but not a great power. If you remember Russia after the Ukraine crisis and the way Putin was embarrassed; there was a sense ...


El Comercio names the senior Peruvian politicians involved in big Odebrecht scandal

... Montesinos, who was no stranger to the Kremlin... Draw your own conclusions.UPDATE  17 DEC  Multiple sources have reported that the US-friendly "Group of Lima" which includes Peru, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay and St. Lucia may break off relations with Venezuela due to its authoritarian government, disrespect for democratic values, and its poor record on human rights, among other things. Venezuela's foreign minister has responded to ...


Fighting the Routine and Thirsting for Innovation. The Economy of Latin American Countries

... (in Russian). [26] Ibid. [27] Chernyshov A. Rusia se abre paso en América Latina a través la cooperación//Russia beyond the headlines, October 1, 2015 (in Spanish). [28] Aldamiz A. Los aviones Sukhoy Superjet 100 se presentan en Mexico//Russia beyond the headlines, August 24, 2013 (in Spanish). [29] Rusia le ofrece a Argentina la financiación de la hidroeléctrica Chihuido//Spuntik Mundo, 11.02.2016 (in Spanish). [30] Chernyshov A. Rusia se abre paso en América Latina ...


RIAC Holds a Roundtable "Russia-Mexico: 125 Years of Partnership"

On April 14, 2015, Russian International Affairs Council held the roundtable "Russia-Mexico: 125 Years of Partnership" at Russia Today international multimedia press center. This year Russia and Mexico celebrate the 125th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations, while changes in the world order require the traditional ...


RussiaMexico: 125 Years of Diplomatic Relations

... and Mexico share a desire to revise the system of international relations towards greater democratization, transparency and fairness. Both countries are interested in strengthening security and stability in the Asia-Pacific region. At the same time, Russia and Mexico have differing opinions on a number of issues, including the events in Ukraine. Nevertheless, common challenges in the form of economic development, migration and the fight against drug trafficking may serve as a solid foundation for bilateral ...


RIAC's Report on Russia-Mexico Relations Presented at Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum

On February 27, 2015, RIAC Deputy Program Director Timur Makhmutov and Ambassador Valery Morozov, a RIAC expert, took part in the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum to present RIAC's report " Russia-Mexico Relations: Traditional Basics and Imperatives for Renovation " at the session on Russia's relations with Latin America. The event was attended by heads of Latin American missions including those from the Pacific Alliance, as well as members ...


Mexico and Russia: 125 years of diplomatic relations

... The Mexico Tourism Board and ProMexico, both housed at the Mexican Embassy, are and will continue to be dedicated to promoting Mexico in Russia and strengthening bilateral ties, thereby contributing to mutual understanding and benefit. Ruben Beltran: Mexico-Russia: Prospects for Strengthening Bilateral Relations in the Current Context With respect to the multilateral agenda, the two countries share great similarities and intend to enhance their dialogue on such topics as nuclear disarmament, the Post-2015 ...


Russian–Mexican Relations: Traditional Foundations and the Need for Change

RIAC Report #19 / 2015 Mexico is a relatively powerful player in contemporary global politics. Russia and Mexico have much in common in terms of their participation in world affairs. However, the model of Russian–Mexican relations is still in flux; it has not been clearly defined and leaves much room for improvement. In fact, models of relations between ...


Russia's Policy in Latin America: Prospects for Cooperation with Mexico and the Pacific Alliance

... experience of many years of delivering Russian helicopters to Mexico. I do believe that this particular area provides Russia an excellent opportunity to strengthen its position in the market of Latin America in the short and medium terms. Ruben Beltran: Mexico-Russia: Prospects for Strengthening Bilateral Relations in the Current Context So, once we resolved to undertake a critical analysis of our relations and our policy towards Mexico, we have to get rid of some kind of inferiority complex. What do I mean?...


The Pacific Alliance: History, Goals, Relations with Observer States, Achievements

... trade delegations in Istanbul and Casablanca, Morocco. One more office will open soon in Mumbai, India. Ruben Beltran Goals and Key Achievements of the Pacific Alliance Ruben Beltran, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United States of Mexico to Russia The 9th Pacific Alliance Summit in Punta Mita, México, held last June adopted a joint declaration in which the four member countries confirmed their commitment to deepening integration on the basis of the free movement of goods, services,...


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