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Ukrainian Crisis Prompts Sanctions against Internet Backbone: What is the Stakeholders’ Response?

... “will help users seek for reliable information in alternative domain zones, preventing propaganda.” This statement seems quite illogical, since the package of the measures proposed entails a virtually full cut-off of the country from the global Internet, which, for Russian users, would not be conducive to browsing alternative sources of information. On March 4, Cogent—a Tier 1 operator (a multinational Internet provider that ensures cogency between continents)— said it would be shutting down some Russian networks....


Francis Fukuyama: We Need a Common Threat

... have to work together. That might be sufficient to break the cycle. Yet we did have a crisis in 2008 and it wasn’t big enough, it really didn’t solve the problem. I think the next one has got to be even bigger, unfortunately. You also said that internet is the ‘wild west’ for social media with everybody using it to their advantage. It seems to be relevant for the Western world — Russia included — do you think that the developing countries are going to step in this direction as well? I think that there’s really not that much distinction between the developed and the developing worlds with regard to social media. There are ...


RIAC and EWI hold an international seminar “Russia-US Cyber Cooperation – Building New Relations”

... Institute held an international seminar “Russia-US Cyber Cooperation – Building New Relations.” During the seminar, the participating experts discussed cooperation in countering cyber terrorism; indentifying terminology, critical for Russia and the United States in the field of cyber security; strengthening cooperative action and early warning of cyber attacks; the state’s role in the Internet development and the interaction of the Internet and business communities of the two countries. They also made important observations on existing problems in relations between the two countries in this field, and proposed a number of significant ...


Better than a “Global Player”. Interview with Yandex Product Marketing Director

... partner of Russia, it is not surprising that more and more Chinese companies are taking an interest in advertising on the Russian market. They understand that advertising does not exist without the Internet, understand the position of Yandex in the Russian Internet and want to buy our advertising services. They also prefer to conduct negotiations in Chinese and in China, rather than correspond with the Moscow office or have to fly to Moscow. China's Internet is quite isolated: China has its own web search ...


Meeting held with Microsoft experts at RIAC

The Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) and the EastWest Institute held an expert meeting with Microsoft representatives on 17 June 2015. The discussion touched upon such issues as U.S. regulatory practices in cybersecurity, the protection of critical ...


Framework on E-Growth Strategy

... of the adult population connected. Russia is catching up quickly however, with average annual growth in Internet users exceeding 10% over the last few years. In September 2011, Russia overtook Germany as the market with the largest number of unique Internet users in Europe. Russian E-Commerce Industry is very nascent. Country with strong mobile base has been successfully been able to penetrate the E-Commerce business. Russia with a mobile base close to 122 million in 2017 from 105 million in 2011 has seen a growth of hardly ...


Alexander Galitsky: It's a Matter of Trust

Interview with Founder of Almaz Capital Partners Founder of Almaz Capital Partners venture capital firm Alexander Galitsky answered our questions on the demise of the Internet and the challenges facing Russian technology companies. The interview was prepared for publication by RIAC Program Director Ivan Timofeev and RIAC correspondent Yaroslav Menshenin. Alexander, after the geopolitical events of 2014, Dauria Aerospace founder Mikhail Kokorich complained ...


Internet: How Deep Is Pandora’s Box?

... inseparably linked to the Internet. However, these threats vary depending on their origin, the tools that are at the disposal of the attackers and the scale of damage. How are these threats seen by anti-virus companies? We asked Boris Sharov , CEO of the Russia’s oldest anti-virus company Doctor Web, to share his views on the problem and to tell us about his company’s work. What are the main threats of the Internet for the ordinary user, as well as for banking systems and critical state infrastructure? The threats vary and cannot be lumped together. One might say that it is malware, but that would not be correct. The ordinary user is one thing, the banking ...


Internet Technologies and Business: A Strategy for Joint Development?

... Mikhail Yakushev How big is the market for Internet technology now? What are the prospects for its expansion or alternately a decline in the development of business? If I am not mistaken, according to the latest research on the Internet in Russia conducted by the Russian Association of Electronic Communications, the share of GDP directly related to Internet technologies is about 1.5 per cent. All ancillary businesses that are not connected to the Internet directly, but which cannot exist ...


RIAC’s Educational Projects Presented in Venice International University

On December 2, 2014, RIAC Program Manager Ekaterina Chimiris and Program Coordinator Anna Kuznetsova made a report “Promotion of Universities in Global Internet” at the Russian-Italian conference “Globalization 2.0: New Approaches to Teaching and Research ” held at the Venice International University . The highly responsive participants, among them representatives of Russian universities with RIAC corporate ...


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