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Layered Cake. What to Expect from the Putin-Biden Summit?

Russia and the United States are approaching the summit in strategic confrontation mode The upcoming summit of the presidents ... ... is going to give up containment. In addition, there are topics that are simply necessary to discuss. Principal among them is arms control. The New START extension can be considered as a step forward, but it only provides a five-year delay for the development ...


UK–Russia Security Dialogue. European Security

... main findings of the workshop on ‘European Security’ organised by RUSI and the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) in February 2021 as part of the UK–Russia... ... perspectives on the evolving nature of European security, including the prospects for arms control. The workshop also introduced the sub-regional perspective by focusing... ... current status quo is viewed as sustainable and there are many other issues on the international security agenda for the UK to focus on beyond relations with Russia. At...


The Hidden Logic of the United States that Led to its Withdrawal from the INF Treaty

... telephone conversation with Vladimir Putin on May 3, 2019, once more trying to recruit Russia into bullying China together. In response, a representative of the Chinese Foreign... ... withdrawal of the United States from the INF Treaty poses a direct threat to the global arms control system, and it is particularly relevant when it comes to the creation of... ... security and other areas are under threat. Moreover, it will have a significant impact on international security and even the existing world order. The arms control system will...


The Post-INF Treaty world: Cutting Сosts and Reducing Risks

... is quite rightly considered one of the most significant achievements in the field of international security this century; the JCPOA held its ground even when Donald Trump... ... century. And the bilateral dialogue on nuclear issues between the United States and Russia is extremely difficult at best, and, at worst, in a state of limbo for the foreseeable... ... imagination in the nuclear sphere that they demonstrated in 2003. The future of nuclear arms control (if it has one) will in any case be multilateral in nature. And if the...


The Global Hypersonic Race

... Earth’s orbit. In light of the above, the emergence of hypersonic weapons will introduce a number of destabilizing factors for international security. First, countries possessing such weapons will have an asymmetric advantage over other developing countries.... ... interested in obtaining prompt global strike technologies. The current leaders of hypersonic weapons research are, in addition to Russia, the United States and China. China Andrey Kortunov: Is There Life After Arms Control Death? Despite its ambitious statements, China has not yet rolled out a reliable prototype of a hypersonic vehicle....


End of Nuclear Arms Control: Do Not Beware the Ides of March

Russia Should Prepare for the Very Realistic Scenario in which the New START will not be Renewed by 2021 and will thus Cease to ... ... strategic stability in the world, fell apart before our very eyes. And now the foundations of the core instrument of global arms control – the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) – are starting to crumble too, as it is looking dangerously ...


Road to Nowhere

... in 1972 and had served as a foundation of global strategic stability for 30 years. I remember well the tremendous efforts the Russian leadership poured into trying to keep the American side from taking such a step. President Vladimir Putin met several ... ... being put forward that fail to convince anyone and yet again show that Washington continues to openly disregard the interests of international security, including the security of its closest allies in Europe, Asia and throughout the world. It is perfectly ...


U.S. Withdrawal From the INF Treaty and the End of the Bilateral Era

Perhaps the term “arms control” itself should be revised Could the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty have been saved? No doubt. American and Russian experts have long discussed allegations of treaty violations in great detail, and there is no shortage of proposals on resolving compliance concerns and giving the treaty a new lease on life. Washington and Moscow are not likely to face any unprecedented ...


Igor Ivanov and Andrey Kortunov at Strategic Insight Breakfast Briefing

... President Igor Ivanov, former US Senator Sam Nunn and former UK Secretary of State for Defense Lord Des Browne were among the speakers at the Briefing. The participants of the Briefing discussed the state of the Euro-Atlantic security, relations between Russia and the West, possible new initiatives in the field of arms control, as well as ways of resolving crisis situations in various regions of the world.


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