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Russia-India Gape May Be Widened Further

... Indo-Pacific initiative and Quad, thereby leaning more towards the US. India and Russia have been holding the annual summit, which is the uppermost institutionalized dialogue instrument in the strategic partnership, since 2000 when the 'Declaration on the India-Russia Strategic Partnership' was engaged between both sides. However, this is the first such year when in spite of several high-level visits from New Delhi to Moscow, tensions have begun to simmer in the bilateral ties over Russia's rhetoric against ...


Russia Moves East, India West, Straining Ties

... China and Russia are all members of BRICS and of SCO; Moscow could work harder making these institutions more efficient in reaching common denominators for even highly sensitive security and development issues. There is also a separate mechanism of the Russia-India-China trilateral consultations, which deserves more attention than it gets today. Andrey Kortunov: Eight Principles of the “Greater Eurasian Partnership” The future of Eurasia at the end of the day depends largely on the future of the China-India ...


Experts Discuss the Near Future of the Asia Pacific Region

... from the postponed Tokyo Olympics, there is also little probability of the change in its foreign policy strategy. Alexey Kupriyanov , Senior Research Fellow at the Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences, presented his understanding of recent developments in India. According to the expert, New Delhi faces two major challenges: the COVID-19 pandemic and the rivalry with China. The former leaves the country with deteriorating service sector, rising unemployment and exacerbating inequality, which creates additional ...


Mega Regions

... but more independent, rich and educated than today · North America (centered on an at least relatively weakened USA) · South America (centered on a once-again growing Mercosur) · China - a strong center in all-growing North and South East Asia · India – growing Add to this: · A hypothetic Mega-Eurasian Region including the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) with Russia. Enlarged with Turkey, Iran and even Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq, this would fit nicely into the above possible future picture of the world. Such Mega Regions as above will come to integrate economy (incl. currency), culture, infrastructure,...


BRICS and the Western-Centric Global Film Industry: Possibilities of the Digital Era

... if they seize this opportunity. The BRICS countries, particularly, are in a great position to take such actions. Digitalization of the Global Film Industry: Possibility for BRICS Chandra Rekha: The 2000 Declaration on Strategic Partnership between India and Russia It would be a very promising endeavor to launch a joint BRICS project drawing on the experience of Netflix — not simply an Internet-based streaming service analogous to Netflix, but a project utilizing the strength of national film industries ...


The 2000 Declaration on Strategic Partnership between India and Russia

An anatomy of two decades of strategic bilateral engagement On October 3, 2000, Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and President Vladimir Putin cemented India-Russia bilateral ties with the signing of the historical agreement, the “ Declaration on the India-Russia Strategic Partnership .” Two decades since the signing of the agreement, bilateral relations are hailed to have chartered new levels of cooperation ...


RIAC–ICWA Webinar Dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of Declaration on RussiaIndia Strategic Partnership

... own vision as former Prime Minister Medvedev once put it – as an economic and cultural place, an opportunity for people to trade and travel. At the same time, according to Indian experts, Russia sees Indo-Pacific as a potential maritime link with India. Russia thinks that the imperative in the region should be driven by the international law under the UN rather than rule-based order as promoted by the West. However, the degree of lawlessness in the region today is striking. Strategic interaction in Asia-Pacific ...


‘Selective’ Bipolarity? From a Coalition of War to a Coalition of Sanctions

... But luring India into a tough anti-Chinese coalition led by the United States will be difficult. The history of independent India has its own foreign policy traditions, which do not include subordination to another country. There are also problems in ... ... For example, the US partnership with Vietnam and Indonesia has become deeper, but they are far from a coalition against China. Russia, for obvious reasons, cannot be part of such a coalition. Moscow for Washington is a rival, standing somewhere between ...


Round Table on Russia — South Asian States Cooperation

... discussion. The experts discussed Russia's interests in South Asia and promising areas of interaction between the Russian Federation and regional players. The emphasis was placed on prospects of multilateral cooperation, including trilateral initiatives of Russia, India and Japan in the Far East. Participants paid special attention to Moscow's approaches to regional initiatives, in particular to the Indo-Pacific concept. Russia's cooperation with the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) was ...


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