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Is the “Rice Panic” Justified and What Awaits the Grain Market

... Delhi is eyeing the purchase of 9 million tons of wheat from Russia to increase domestic stocks amid rising prices, as the Indian wholesale wheat price rose 6.2% year-on-year to $319 per ton, 26% higher than the price on world markets. According to Russian sources, Moscow offers India wheat at competitive prices, but India, according to Reuters, expects to receive a discount of $25 to $40 per ton. In the midst of recent events, Russia’s position on the world grain markets is getting stronger. Minister of Agriculture of the ...


India-US Entente: A Russian Perspective

... military operation in Ukraine might impose additional limitations on Russia’s arms supplies to India because the Russian defence sector will prioritise the needs of its army above the needs of Moscow’s foreign partners. Pessimists also argue that the India-Russia defence cooperation might be further constrained by the U.S. pressure on India and the Chinese pressure on Russia, respectively. However, most defence-related contracts have powerful inertia and are not likely to be terminated overnight. One should ...


What North-South International Transport Corridor Means for Iran

... Recently, the development of the North-South international transportation corridor has been widely discussed in Russia, due to its economic benefits, as well as reorientation of the Russian economy from West to East. This route is the shortcut from Russia to India. It was first used by the Russian merchant Afanasy Nikitin back in the 15th century, and then later during World War II for military supplies to the USSR under Lend-Lease. One of the key countries straddling this route is Iran, which is very interested ...


Is Russia Losing India?

... India” for thirty years suggests that such conclusions are at least premature and one-sided. However, it is hardly possible to simply dismiss the gloomy predictions as groundless and untenable. The problem areas Lydia Kulik, Alexey Kalinin: Developing Russia-India Economic Ties Under New Circumstances Indeed, positions taken by Moscow and New Delhi on many of the important Eurasia and global issues—from Ukraine to Afghanistan, from “One Belt, One Road” to Quad and to the concept of Indo-Pacific are ...


Who Blinks First—the Conflict in Europe

... a lot about the future direction of Indian foreign policy, especially considering that India will face elections next year. It is hoped that the continuity in Indian foreign policy, including its relations with the Russian Federation, will continue. India-Russia Relations Ivan Timofeev: Ending Western Domination Is Key to the Emerging World Order. Here’s What Needs to Be Done to Achieve It The current imbalances in the bilateral trade between Russia and India are an important factor. In Russia, there ...


RIAC and IMEMO Experts Discuss Key Aspects of Global Technology Leadership

... technological leadership in the transformation of the world order. During the workshop, leading experts discussed key issues of global technological leadership in the new environment and considered the development policy of the USA, China, the EU, and India in the field of innovative technologies against the backdrop of growing competition. Ivan Timofeev, RIAC Director General, and Sergey Afontsev, Deputy Director for Research at the Primakov Institute of International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, RIAC Member, addressed the participants with welcome remarks. The speakers of the main part of the event included: Ivan Danilin, Head of the Department of Science and ...


Russian and Indian Experts Discuss Promising Areas for Strengthening Partnership between Russia and India

On June 20, 2023, Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) together with the Synergia Foundation (Bangalore, India) held a workshop on Russian-Indian relations in the new conditions, including their economic, technological and strategic aspects On June 20, 2023, Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) together with the Synergia Foundation (Bangalore, India) held a workshop on Russian-Indian ...


Russian and Indian Experts Discuss Key Issues of Bilateral Cooperation between Russia and India

... causes concerns in India. Today, the Indian society supports Russia, but also stands for a peaceful conflict settlement. Moscow remains a key actor in building a multi-polar world, but this should be underpinned by negotiations rather than a struggle. Russia-India relations need new drivers for further development. Firstly, the countries could cooperate in energy sector, for example, in the Caspian region. Secondly, the bilateral partnership could be accelerated in the investment sphere. India is interested ...


Does Russia Have ‘Black Knights’?

... realities create unprecedented favourable conditions for Chinese business in the Russian market. But for now, China is hardly ready to act openly as a “black knight”, challenging regulators in the US, EU and other Western jurisdictions. The growth of Russian-Indian trade has reached even higher values. Compared to 2021, this bilateral trade has almost tripled. However, trade with India is a mere tenth the value of Russia’s trade with China. The growth is provided mainly by Russian oil supplies. In itself,...


India’s Eurasian Pathway: Towards an Evolving Strategic Partnership

... India to maintain its influence in and around its north-western neighborhood, especially when prospects of instability in both Afghanistan and Pakistan have begun challenging the regional interests of New Delhi. Lydia Kulik, Alexey Kalinin: Developing Russia-India Economic Ties Under New Circumstances Since the demise of the Soviet Union and the emergence of in republics of Central Asia (CARs), countries from the Eurasian region have gone on to become strategically important not only for safeguarding India’s ...


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