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How Russia Can Build Relations With Friendly Countries

Such a large and powerful country really cannot be isolated in terms of foreign policy The sooner we understand that the basis of “soft power” is internal, and not in the activities of Russia’s representatives abroad, the sooner we will be able to benefit from our own objective advantages, writes Valdai Club Programme Director Timofei Bordachev. A year into the conflict between Russia and the West turning into a proxy military confrontation,...


When Africa Is Just Around the Corner

... apparently scheduled for January 23 in Qatar (again, the start date for Lavrov’s African tour), never took place . It might be that getting Paul Kagame and Félix Tshisekedi to participate in the same event could well be one of the challenges for Russian diplomacy during the preparation for the Summit, given the current antagonism between the DRC and Rwanda. Finally, one cannot but mention an essentially new level of external pressure exerted by all parties on the countries of Africa within the walls ...


Forgotten and Unforgettable Science Diplomacy: Towards the Anniversary of Lacy-Zarubin Agreement

... whose arrival ushered in a new phase of Soviet-American relations. Yet, the Lacy-Zarubin Agreement remained in force. Science diplomacy is about the small picture Now let’s look at what was spelled out in that agreement. There were quite a few provisions ... ... serve as just another evidence. Happy anniversary, fellow scientists! Take care. This study was financed from the grant of the Russian Science Foundation (project No. 18-78-10123-P); ; ...


Changing Roles: Why Countries of Middle East May be Future’s Best-Suited Mediators?

... transformation stage some 10 years ago, anticipating global changes in the overall international system. As a global leader in the number of conflicts and potential crises, nations of the Middle East know the price of the current changes and strive to use diplomacy, mediation, and pragmatism to mitigate crises, including in the conflict in Ukraine. Mediators Aleksandr Aksenenok: U.S. Policy Case for Middle East under New Conditions On September 21–22, Russia and Ukraine exchanged the largest number of POWs since the conflict’s escalation in February 2022, and the parties stroke a deal in July opening Ukrainian ports for grain exports. Both diplomatic breakthroughs were made possible by good offices ...


If the World Is One Family, Why Do We Seek to Destroy It?

... What can sovereign nations do and what tools are available? Public diplomacy, second track diplomacy…? I practiced public diplomacy. It’s not a question of belief or faith. We must understand that there are tensions in the world, inescapable tensions.... ... Though the geopolitical situation is in transit, it has predominantly been a unipolar world. At least, I can speak for India and Russia, that we both wanted a multipolar world, and a multipolar world, which is based on equity, based on cooperation, based ...


Russia-Ukraine, India-Pakistan: Two Existential Conflicts in Eurasia

... Issue 3 (July-September 2022). This is a new and expanded version of the article. For an earlier version see, Kortunov, Andrey. “India-Pakistan and Russia-Ukraine: What If We Compare the Two?” Modern Diplomacy, October 30, 2021. .


The West Goes West: Greed, Speed and the Fear of Simplicity

... the anti-German propaganda of the Great War. It gets worse: Estonian banks are refusing to accept utility bill payments from Russian property owners in Estonia, citing the sanctions, meaning that they could then dispossess the owners. This is theft; and ... ... Nobel Prize winner. It's the invasion of the idiots’. This American-inspired social medium has now taken over from traditional diplomacy in the British Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO). A senior official wrote proudly some years ago that ...


The Soft Power of India and Russia

... 142 ]. If Russia desires to increase the capability of its foreign policy, it must first and foremost improve its ties with the former Soviet Republics and implement a proper strategy to ensure strong relations [ 143 ]. . With the help of soft power diplomacy, Russia may promote economic, political and socio-cultural integration in the post-Soviet space [ 144 ]. A good example of this is in higher education. Recently, cultural exchanges between ex-Soviet states and Russia have increased since the Russian higher ...


Lessons of Ukraine and the Death of Leadership: Only History Exists

... history. The teaching of history in western universities is indeed dying. Opinions have been replaced with app inions, and diplomacy with Twittering and Facebooking. Let us now deal with the salient factors, beginning with our mental underpinning, and ... ... stupidity’. Fear of Simplicity Andrey Kortunov: Restoration, Reformation, Revolution? Blueprints for the World Order after the Russia-Ukraine conflict In his history of the Peloponnesian Wars, Thucydides wrote that the simple way of considering matters,...


Search for a Compromise or Demand for Surrender?

... platform for geopolitical confrontation between Russia and the West, a “no man's land”, an eternal “Wild Field”, which possesses no destiny of its own and has neither national sovereignty nor national identity. Hawk’s peck The emphasis on diplomacy means Russia’s readiness to limit itself to the already well-known set of specific and generally negotiable demands on Kiev, including Ukraine’s abstention from attempts to join NATO, certain restrictions imposed on the offensive capabilities of the Ukrainian ...


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