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Pakistan’s Opportunities

... powerful triangle Russia-Pakistan-China - even including Iran, Iraq, and Syria and with friendship to Turkey, should emerge. Strong indeed. But equally, if India thoughtfully decides that the Quad was really just a thing from Disneyland, that productive Indian relations with Pakistan and China should be established, then Russia should still be there as a prime partner for India. And if India’s élite should come to realize that they need a big peaceful region with Pakistan, China, and Russia, then Russia will be indispensable for helping India to establish such a Mega-cooperation ...


The U.S. Intensifies its Asia Diplomacy

... region, a direct threat to regional peace and security. To bully China, the Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman traveled to ... ... Reuters On July 27 and 28, Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited India for the first time since President Biden’s inauguration.... ... neighbors: with China the country is in the state of war on LAC, Pakistan is also in the same status on Kashmir LOC, with Bangladesh ... ... American interests and protect its strategic goals. It is against Russian interests. Naturally, the gap between India and Russia ...


What Does NATO Withdrawal from Afghanistan Mean for Regional Actors?

... their withdrawal. The NATO withdrawal creates significant hurdles for regional stability and a power vacuum in Central Asia. There are several players, both internal and external, who are seeking to fill the void left by the Americans and their allies. Pakistan, India, Iran, Turkey, China and Russia seem poised to play the next “ great game ” in the so-called “ graveyard of empires ”. Some of these states have a vested interest in the stability of Afghanistan to ensure regional security and foster economic interests as well as mitigate ...


Dynamics of Vaccine Diplomacy

... countries a lot of diplomatic power to leverage to achieve their ends. India grabbed the world’s attention by giving vaccines to almost ... ... neighbors in South Asia: Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal. Due to China’s immense presence in the region, India’s vaccine diplomacy ... ... countries that relied on India for vaccine supplies turned to Russia and China. This change is expected to strengthen China’s ... ... developing and low-income countries as well as essential allies like Pakistan. Most importantly, China’s vaccine distribution contrasts ...


U.S. Seeking Military Bases in Neighborhood or Close Vicinity of Afghanistan

... world. The U.S. has signed a series of defense agreements with India to become the “major defense partner”, now being able to use Indian military bases. But India has no common border with Afghanistan, and the U.S. operations need to pass through Pakistan’s air space. Moreover, the presence of American troops in India is a direct threat to China and may not be welcomed by Russia too. The options left for America is to use military bases from the oil-rich Gulf states is also not quite optimal, as it has to pass through the air space of the neighboring nations. Keeping military bases in any friendly country far away from ...


The Russian-Indian 2+2 Format Will Synchronize Their Grand Strategies

... republished by the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) comprehensively explains their complementary strategic interests. It should be reviewed by readers who might not be familiar with the driving forces behind their rapprochement in recent years. Indians’ prevailing misperceptions about Russia’s strategic motives in improving its relations with both China and Pakistan over the past few years were partially responsible for the distrust that began to plague its relations with India, just as were Russians’ misperceptions about India’s strategic motives in improving its relations with the US-led Quad. Regrettably,...


India and the SCO: A Vision for Expanding New Delhi’s Engagement

... possible effort to not only strengthen regional cooperation but also utilise SCO summit meetings to cement bilateral engagements with SCO member states. Nevertheless, the challenges that need to be navigated, including the new equation of growing Russia-China-Pakistan triangular convergence of interests, remain on the horizon. This has seen even RussiaIndia’s traditional partner — adopt a more nuanced position on New Delhi’s key strategic concerns. With the stakes being high, deft diplomacy in an increasingly uncertain and unpredictable yet opportunistic world would be called upon to preserve ...


India in the Era of Cyber Wars

The Indian authorities striving to reduce the country’s dependence on tools developed ... ... which, for obvious reasons, was not conducive to strengthening cyber protection. Since Pakistan and China were traditionally considered to be India’s principal adversaries on the cyber... ... secret services continue to conduct cyber ops that threaten India’s national security. Russia is one of the few great powers that has interests in the region and does not...


Indian Elections 2019: Towards New Economic and Political Goals

... strategic calculus 2.0. (At the time of penning this account, India had not tallied, its federal election results). The features ... ... the shadow of India’s punitive cross-border air-strikes into Pakistan, presenting itself as arguably swift comeuppance for the ... ... Minister being feted with highest civilian honors, first from Russia and latest by the UAE, for coveted contribution to the development ... ... Delhi to diminish South Asian countries’ trade dependence upon China and to shrug-off the increasingly indomitable buccaneering ...


South Asian Gas Market: It’s Time to Mount an Offensive

... partnership is hampered by relatively underdeveloped economic ties. The pipeline project in question could significantly increase trade between Russia and India, thus boosting cooperation. Additionally, against the backdrop of New Delhi’s opposition to Pakistan’s alliance with China and the potential weakening of ties with Russia, India’s political alignment with the United States will become irreversible. In this situation, Russian diplomats and energy sector representatives need to exert maximum efforts to bring together the interests of Russia, Iran, Pakistan and India with ...


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