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Great powers rivalry in Central Asia: new strategy, old game. Did the Kazakhstan crisis change the regional chessboard?

... time period. Secondly, Russian Federation has a problem to deal with. The events took part on its area of influence and affected that so called belt of security and Kremlin doesn’t want and need a new context like in the case of the former Eastern Europe. Thirdly, it is very interesting that NATO and not US are the first to support the interest of the citizens both in Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Nevertheless, NATO means US interests in the sphere of security issues, for majority of Russian political experts, but dealing with NATO instead is something ...


Russia’s foreign policy performance in 2021

... have mentioned something that tops the headlines across the media – the Western reaction has consisted primarily of a categorical rejection of ending NATO’s open door policy. But Russia is not bound by any agreements within NATO. We, the Americans, Europeans, NATO members, and neutral states, are firmly bound by agreements and political commitments within the OSCE framework. In this context, OSCE provides us with a legal framework solely because in the 1990s, an agreement was reached to the effect that undermining ...


Russian Foreign Policy: Shifting Gears

Diplomacy is de facto paralyzed in Russia’s relations with Ukraine, NATO, the European Union’s leading powers such as Germany and France, and with the United States as far as Ukraine is concerned Not long ago, a popular Russian joke went: “Those who do not want to listen to Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov will have to deal ...


The Turkey-Russia Relationship: Why “Compartmentalization” and Not Conflict?

... deposits in disputed waters remaining a major bone of contention between the two in addition to the long-standing historical grievances. Russia benefits from cooperation with Turkey in this respect as it supports Turkey in driving a wedge within the NATO alliance and between Turkey and the EU. Confrontation Although there are many instances of cooperation between Turkey and Russia, the two states are in active competition. Competition between Russia and Turkey is unique as most of the competition occurs close to home in the Middle East,...


A ‘New Cold War’ has already started, but Russia & China are winning against a ‘weakening’ West, says former Kremlin adviser

... India, and even with some European Union states, such as Hungary and Austria. “We are seeing a watershed. We will find out who will be part of ‘Greater America’ – like the US and Northwest Europe – and who will be on the side of ‘Greater Eurasia.’” “The big question is where Germany will end up,” he concluded, referring to the dominant NATO power that has embarked on the controversial Nord Stream 2 project with Russia, despite staunch objections from NATO allies and Washington. Source: RT


Is England, my England a Dying Butler?

... is blatant, and virtually endemic: retirement pensions that are years overdue, inefficiency and clientelism, cheating in Higher Education, huge financial scandals and selfishness, which make Greece look like a Balkan Ottoman province, but wearing an EU and NATO overcoat to disguise itself. But I am of course writing about Greek politics, not its generally fine people, just as I have about England, my England, America’s dying butler. I began this small article by asking whether it can be done, but that ...


Political Strategies in a Multi-Polar World. Where is European Union in All This Story?

... Europe is no longer a safe place. The concept of an inclusive Europe, much more operational beyond its stretched frontiers, must become the fundamental principle related to security. Not once, the strategic dependency on the United States rather than on NATO, forced Europe to waive the advancement of its interests. This disturbing factor is likely to persist, even though the European Union indicates that it is in search for a better-defined strategic identity. 5. Does the European Union speak the language of power?...


Russia and Europe: the Current Impasse and the Way Out

... dangers is inherent in the political developments within certain countries. The latent political instability in Belarus is giving rise to hopes in Europe of a democratic and pro-European evolution of this new nation, positioned between Russia and the EU/NATO territory. At the same time, it evokes fears in the West of a Russian-led or -supported crackdown on protesters. Seen from Russia, the political turbulence in Belarus, while rooted in domestic tensions, is being fanned by the West, primarily by the ...


Strategic Relevance of France's Overseas Territories

... Nations and the prolificacy of the French language in many international institutions, are a relic of the colonial past. The remains of the Empire support Paris’s military interests globally and are also a means to further extend the influence of the EU and NATO. As such, the French islands are a direct continuation and reinforcement of Western presence in Latin America, Africa, Antarctica and Oceania in a post-BREXIT Europe. France’s maritime presence all around the world is even more important for the ...


Confusing Order in Order to Order

... EU’s inability to co-ordinate its foreign and military policy is that Poland and the Baltic states are vehemently and emotionally pro-NATO and anti-Russia, thus constituting the EU’s fifth column. In contrast, French president Macron has labelled NATO ‘brain-dead’. It is the EU’s inability to stop the current instability emanating from the western world – for it is a western phenomenon - that is leading to increasing confusion, in a western world of simplistic slogans such as ‘exporting freedom’, ‘shared values’,...


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