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Multilateralism Without the USA

Multilateralism can happen without a hegemonic power (the USA) REUTERS/Mike Segar It has already done so for a long time. As I have described earlier: "Nobody waits for Biden" (or the USA). The World is everywhere moving fast around the USA - leaving an ever more bewildered USA behind. US President Biden ...


A Clear View Eastwards: Russia and Germany

... crises are causing a widespread feeling of insecurity and powerlessness in light of current events and their complexity. The world and therefore we, humankind, have lost our compass. Beyond the relations, whether cooperative or conflictual, between the European Union (EU), China and Russia, we should question the durability of power – values versus mercantilism, democracy versus dictatorship, capitalism versus communism, and the growing geopolitical clout of transnational players, whose sphere of ...


Economic effects of Ukraine-EU DCFTA and of counterfactual integration with the Eurasian Economic Union

... Ukrainian crisis in 2014 was the contradictory views between various groups, both within Ukraine and abroad, regarding the country’s possible future geopolitical and geoeconomics trajectory towards either closer integration with Russia as part of the EurasEC customs union (from 01.01.2015 the Eurasian Economic Union, EAEU) or integration with Europe in the framework an Association Agreement and a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA) with the European Union.Effects of the Ukraine – ...


Arguments for a MIX of Industrial Ordnungspolitik and Market Elements. What About Skolkovo?

... because of some ingenious individuals in a garage only, but also due to the fact that the Pentagon and the state-sponsored military industrial complex wanted a decentralized communication and control infrastructure in case of a war. And when Germany and Europe made industrial Ordnungspolitik which we just call industry policy Germany and Europe had the AIRBUS and other projects which challenged the US monopoly of Boeing and other industries. Even the nuclear industry in Germany was largely possible because ...


Back to the future: German industrial Ordnungspolitik

... policy (industrial Ordnungspolitik), whereby a vertical, selective industrial policy may be used only in exceptional cases in order to respond appropriately to a disruptive structural change (e.g. the integration of East German industry as part of German reunification in the 1990s). Under the pretext of counteracting climate change and the Corona crisis, the policymakers in Berlin and Brussels are increasingly deviating from this model of success.Germany must return to the model of horizontal industrial ...


Confusing Order in Order to Order

... multi-polarity, or perhaps even heterarchy, where different hierarchies compete against each other. These views nevertheless connect to a hierarchical mindset.7 Another level of ‘world order’ is that of regional-geographical groupings, such as the EU, the Association of South East Asian Nations, and the Eurasian Economic Union on the economic front, and NATO on the military level. Then we have a universal level, such as the United Nations, and a plethora of organisations, treaties and various agreements ...


Biden-Victory: After the Election is Before the Election

... over next year and Trump speaks of a conspiracy by the Democrats, the FDA and Pfizers to withhold the news to prevent his re-election. However, the head of the FDA was appointed by Trump. In terms of foreign policy, Biden’s election victory means for Europe that things are going to be more relaxed in transatlantic relations and the attempts to smash or weaken the EU on the part of the PRC and its 16 plus 1 group of states or Putin’s support for the National Front or right-wing groups is no longer ...


War in the Caucasus. Neo-Ottoman Empire, Eurasia, Asian NATO and Kavzak 2020

Erdogan is igniting new conflicts an wars in his pursuit for a Neo-Ottoman Empire. This time in the Caucasus. While Turkey held several joint maneuvres with Azerbaijan and there were talks about a Turkish military base in Azerbaijan, we now face a war between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Erdogan wants to send 4000 Turkish fighters from Syria in support of Azerbaijan. Here is the full story.Qazet.azAzerbaijan ...


Providing public goods at the supranational level: deliberations from the European economic debate for the EAEU

_ Yuri Kofner, junior economist, MIWI – Institute for Market Integration and Economic Policy. Munich, 4 October 2020. The EAEU should offer public goods The Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) is primarily a customs union and a common market for the free movement of goods, services, capital, and labor. The main task of the EAEU is the so-called “negative integration”, i.e. ...


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