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The Erosion and Undermining of the Transatlantic Relationship

... Nord Stream international gas pipeline, then this extraordinary event can be a good illustration of the pressure under which the phenomenon of the Transatlantic relationship is. This unique international community, uniting the United States and Western Europe, came into being as a result of World War II. It has always been based on two factors. First, the unconditional power dominance of America over its allies in all components of the total power capabilities of the state: military, economic and ideological....


European Culture: Centripetal and Centrifugal Forces

In recent decades, the Old World has undergone tremendous changes Abstract The main features of the transformation of European culture in the modern world are explored. Chronologically, this study is based on the idea of the general humanistic foundations of European culture since the 1980s. The author describes its state during the Cold War, and then analyzes the search ...


Factors Influencing the World Order's Structure

... dominant military and economic force. Great powers like the United States, Russia, China and India, are not cooperating. They never shared the same world order view (let alone their respective domestic ones). So far, the United States and several Western European countries are pursuing a revolutionary policy about the outside world and constitute the biggest challenge to the prospects of international order stability. Such states embarked on a disquieting path of breakthrough changes in fundamental issues ...


Russia’s Turn to the East: Between Choice and Necessity

... bring significant material benefits, and that you just need to try, ran into a completely objective obstacle. There was no need to try in dealing with the West; material benefits came by themselves, relying on 300 years of relations with the largest European partners. As a result, by 2019, about 80 percent of investments in the Far East were of domestic origin. It is possible that precisely because of its limited economy, the “turn to the East” strategy in its concrete expression did not go beyond ...


Labour Staging a Comeback

... victories across the continent, including most recently and for the first time in decades in Colombia. In the US President Biden vowed to create a taskforce to boost union membership and staked a claim to being America’s most pro-union president . In the EU, discussions have been undertaken on the possibility of adopting a minimum threshold for collective contract coverage . There are also drivers emerging that may underpin a rising trend in wages and social security transfers. In the corporate world,...


Russia and the EU’s messy energy divorce places both sides in a race against time

... Fyodor Lukyanov, the editor-in-chief of Russia in Global Affairs, chairman of the Presidium of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy, and research director of the Valdai International Discussion Club. The debate over Russian gas is heating up across Europe. For instance, Nord Stream’s turbine maintenance procedures would have been a routine issue before, but now it has turned into a major political problem. And then there’s the situation regarding pumping gas through the parts of the Ukrainian ...


What Is a Sovereign State?

... complete sovereignty. The last century was marked by three waves of emergence of states whose ability to survive independently in a chaotic system was unproven. The first set of these includes the countries that became the product of the collapse of European empires as a result of the First World War. At that time, practically all the countries of the Middle East and North Africa, the former possessions of the Austrian, German and Russian empires in Eastern Europe and the Balkans, arose. The only ...


Transforming the Global Economy: A Key Role for the IFIs

... economies of the Global South. The emergence of new projects with a global reach launched by the world’s leading economies also raises the role of regional development institutions in ensuring greater connectivity among such projects. In particular, the EU’s Global Gateway, the B3W created by the G7 countries as well as China’s Belt and Road Initiative are all focused on building infrastructural connectivity on the international arena with a critical role ascribed to regional and national development ...


The EAEU Amid Global Uncertainty

The development of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) before, during and after the COVID-19 pandemic through the lens of the so-called integration dilemma Authors: Leonid E. Slutsky , PhD in Economics. The Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia Head of the Department ...


Europe’s Myths

In the new historical era we will not have to recycle old myths and long-standing illusions that we often created ourselves For quite a long time, Russia, like many other countries, had no opportunity to see Europe for what it is. However, in the new historical era we will not have to recycle old myths and long-standing illusions that we often created ourselves, writes Valdai Club Programme Director Timofei Bordachev . After initially keeping a low profile ...


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