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How Egypt Has Changed 10 Years Since the Arab Spring

... and early February 2011 led to the government's resignation, then to the overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak and the transfer of power to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. Vasily Kuznetsov: The Arab World: Between Violence and Consensus The Muslim Brotherhood was the most organized and influential opposition force in Egypt. The political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Freedom and Justice Party, won the elections to the Egyptian parliament. During the presidential campaign, Mohammed ...


The Deepening Crisis in Turkey-Egypt Relations

... later went on to form a strategic partnership with Ankara and Doha. After the overthrow of Mursi, Erdogan stated that al-Sisi overthrew the president of Egypt, elected by the people, during an armed coup. Turkey has offered refuge and protection to the Muslim Brotherhood leadership and has launched a media campaign against the new government of Egypt. In response, Egypt gave the Turkish ambassador 48 hours to leave the country. Since then, full-fledged diplomatic relations between the states are yet ...


March to Tripoli, or a Third Civil War in Libya: Initial Results

... which claims to be a regular army, will split into factions and groups with different ideologies. Elisabeth Barbier, Special Envoy of France to Libya: We do not believe that Khalifa Haftar can conquer Libya (2017) Faultline: The Salafists Versus the Muslim Brotherhood At the same time, the advantage that the LNA had thanks to the deliveries of weapons and military equipment from its allies could be negated by the fact that Turkey started supplying similar products to the Libyan Army/Government of ...


Qatar Crisis is 'the First Real Failure' of US Policy in Middle East

... 5, a number of countries, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt, cut diplomatic ties with Qatar and embargoed all sea, air and land traffic to the country, accusing Doha of supporting terrorist groups, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist movement, as well as of interfering in other countries' domestic affairs. Several other states in the region reduced diplomatic relations with the country. The Qatari Foreign Ministry rejected the accusations of Doha's interference ...


A Journey Through Shari'a Law: Justifying Jihad and Punishment

... notorious Islamic State came to prominence in Iraq and Syria, is a must-read for those scholars who want to understand where exactly in the history of Islamic jurisprudence the group places its beliefs. The role of Sayiid Qutb, an ideologue of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, is crucial in understanding the nature of modern jihad for that matter. According to Qutb, Muslims must follow Shari’a and Shari'a alone. Obeying means worshipping to Qutb, and if a Muslim obeys anyone but God he fails to worship ...


Egyptian Revolution: New Problems Instead of Democracy

... independent MP, declared that “the election of Abdel-Al was a ‎big mistake because he is an old guard figure who ‎represents an extension of the autocratic politics of the ‎former NDP.” After a brief period of the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood power in Egypt is again in the hands of the old elite. The elite has not been renewed by recruiting new leaders who came into prominence during the course of the revolution. Moreover, instead of integration of counter elites they are ...


The Syrian Zugzwang

... secular state. Radical pan-Arab organization the Society of Muslim Brothers (al-Ikhwan al-musilmun in Arabic) [4] has played the main role in this since the 1980s. However, the Ikhwan began its activity in Syria even earlier, in the 1940s-1960s. The Muslim Brotherhood claims that Syria became the first country to which it extended its influence from Egypt. The first Ikhwan association in Syria was established in Aleppo in 1937. By then, various religious associations had already been functioning ...


Political Extremist Groups and Islamic Movements in the Middle East and North Africa

Main Groups and Leaders Brief Overview The crisis developments in Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Syria are destabilizing countries in the Middle East. The growing turbulence and unpredictability threaten the very model of the nation state, which is struggling to react to the challenges posed by non-state actors in international relations – primarily by extremist groups. The inability of the state to counter the terrorist threat leads to an increase in the activities of radical elements, whose actions take...


Three Years after the Revolution: Mubarak’s Regime Reconstructed

... being elected to parliament, lift the ban on old-regime functionaries engaging in political activities, and return Egypt to its state before the revolution. The restoration of Mubarak-era institutions, while still without a solution for dealing with the Muslim Brotherhood movement, threatens to push the country towards a new round of violence. Egypt’s transitional government made one serious blunder, declaring the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organisation, which then led to increased protests....


Morsi’s Downfall

... revoked, and to insist on changes to the policies – something unthinkable in the times of Hosni Mubarak, Gamal Abdel Nasser or Anwar Sadat. Second, short-sighted decisions taken by the president spelled the beginning of the end of Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood’s time in office. These events were unfolding against a background of a deteriorating domestic economy. To qualify for IMF aid, Egyptian authorities had to resort to an unpopular measure and cancelled subsidies for regular unleaded ...


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