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Recruiting Foreign Terrorist Fighters and Dealing with Returnees: European Experience and the Prospects for Russia

... situation regarding terrorists leaving, and then coming back to Europe, Russia and Central Asian countries; the link between migration and the recruitment of terrorists; and an analysis of the most common factors driving recruitment. This paper also includes ... ... combat the recruitment of terrorists, as well as measures taken to reintegrate returning militants into society. — Summary . Islamic State Volunteers. Who are they? Recruiting Foreign Terrorist Fighters and Dealing with Returnees: European Experience ...


Jordan’s Remarkable Resilience

Jordan is oftentimes characterized as a Middle Eastern exception and paradox: an explicitly artificial colonial construct, and yet resilient and durable. The recent rise of new security challenges, such as the rise of the Islamic State, calls for a thorough analysis an exploration of the factors involved. Overall, there are strong reasons to believe that despite the war in Syria raging on Jordan’s doorstep, an acute domestic refugee problem, and echoes of the Arab ...


Having a Common Enemy is Unlikely to Reconcile Russia and the West

... relations between Russia and the European Union. Participants suggested that waging war against a common foe in the form of Islamic State, which is banned in Russia, is unlikely to help Russia and the West overcome their differences. Today, this relationship ... ... countries on opposing sides of Ukraine’s barricade give up on the idea of common interests, approaches and challenges. Migration is just such a challenge, since the voluntary or forcible movement of people is increasingly being seen as a test for ...


Will the Fortress Fall?

... European Parliament and of the Council, establishing a Registered Traveler Program and an Entry/Exit System . Fighters from the Islamic State have already begun to infiltrate the flow of migrants traveling from North Africa to Europe across the Mediterranean.... ... proposal, an Entry/Exit System has two levels: national and central. The data contained in the system should be available to immigration authorities and border services of all member states. Among other things, the new system should considerably simplify ...


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