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The Media System Within and Beyond the West: Australian, Russian and Chinese Media

... to Russia and China's two unique systems. Nevertheless, the four dimensions of comparison as a tool for analyzing systemic characteristics still work. However, they are not perfect and need to be modified in the application, as mentioned before. The Russian media system as a statist commercialized model Roman Mayka:: Conspiracy Theories, Fake News and Disinformation. Why There’s So Much of It and What We Can Do About it After the disintegration of the USSR, Russia took a series of measures to adopt ...


Conspiracy Theories, Fake News and Disinformation. Why There’s So Much of It and What We Can Do About it

..., it showed how effective and powerful social media could be (despite all of the reputation risks). There is also an important point highlighted in the report, particularly that " the use of modern-day disinformation does not start and end with Russia. A growing number of states, in the pursuit of geopolitical ends, are leveraging digital tools and social media networks to spread narratives, distortions, and falsehoods to shape public perceptions and undermine trust in the truth ." We are used to research, dedicated to propaganda and fake news issues, that establishes only Russia is responsible for ...


From Russia with Love: Controversy Around the Russian Aid Campaign to Italy

... Russian institutions from Rome by Foreign Minister Luigi di Maio and Defense Minister Lorenzo Guerini to respect freedom of the press, including the right of criticism, defined as a fundamental value at the base of the country. On the other hand, the Russian media decided to focus their attention on the appreciation expressed by the Italians. Alongside the news of the mission’s arrival on Italian soil, media reported flags displaying the message “ Spasibo Bolshoe ” (thank you very much) held by smiling ...


Recognizing Crimea — A Logical First Step to Better Improve Russia-U.S. Relations

... there was collusion, there was Crimea. And, what happened with Trump—Russia collusion? Absolutely nothing . What about the Mueller investigation in general? Well, the DOJ was unable to prosecute any act of Russian interference . According to the media, Russia fiercely annexed Crimea in an outright attack on national sovereignty and democracy. In reality, Russia was protecting democracy. Additionally, they were protecting ethnic Russians from conflicts that were starting to boil over in Ukraine. Significantly,...


Corona between populism, conspiracy and the media

... confidential and not tell anyone what was happening. Now, after realizing the actual scale, they changed their behaviour. Today, Russia, America and the rest of the world do not reduce the severity of the virus. Authorities restrict communication between ... ... lighter. And whenever the disease was lighter, it will spread more effectively. Epidemics are not just tragedies, diseases, and immediate deaths, as such threats along with uncertainty and worries widespread, this will lead to the emergence of new patterns ...


RIAC and RUSI Discuss Challenges to Information Space in Russia and the UK

The seminar was devoted to the analysis of challenges to the information spaces of Russia and the UK, the rules of conduct in the information space, and media codes in Russia and the UK, the development of social networks and their influence, the creation, spread and effects of fake news in both countries On January 20, 2020, in Moscow, RIAC held the final workshop of the bilateral Russia-UK security project. The ...


How to effectively promote Russian interests in the United States?

... Crimea is an example of democracy; Americans also value free trade — sanctions are antithetical to that value and hurt American businesses. Media Outreach A major challenge to Russia-U.S. relations is the onslaught of disinformation and negative media directed toward Russia and issues involving Russia. To mitigate this challenge, a pro-Russia lobby must take the problem head-on through media outreach that is designed to granularly change the conversation in the United States and present the Russian perspective in ...


Everything on Display

... September 2019, albeit with the former’s consent, creates a precedent with far-reaching consequences. The opportunity was immediately seized on both sides of the Atlantic. Zelensky’s opponents in Ukraine happily demanded that the transcripts of his ... ... president to do the same… One can only fanaticize about how such releases can impact not only these countries’ contacts with Russia but also foreign policy activities in general. In a sense, we have come to the point where diplomacy as a trade is standing ...


How a Pro-Russia Lobby in the United States Could Change the Course of History

... Roman Mayka: Where Does Foreign Agent Begin? Top 10 Countries Ranked by Foreign Lobby Spending in the US (Source: ). However, it should be noted that Russia would not be on this list, but for the fact that the United States has forced Russian media outlets like RIA Novosti and Russia Today to register as foreign agents. The US has notably not forced other state-run outlets from other countries to do the same (e.g. Al Jazeera). Roughly $36 million out of the $40 million represented in the chart ...


US Fake Media? – or CIA Assets?

... make it impossible for Al Jazeera to work in the USA – of course in deniable (hidden) ways. It therefore came as no surprise to me, when Al Jazeera later “incidentally” ran into trouble acquiring enough audience to run their CIA-FBI independent media-business in the USA. The Russia news-agency RT has been lambasted in the USA for NOT criticizing Trump. Compare this with how a US media like the CNN consistently has taken side AGAINST Trump, also if Trump did something either right, or not-so-bad. Even when Trump recently by ...


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