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Ukrainian Crisis, Turkey and Eurasia: Who Wins?

... towards the West, but clearly does not want to aggravate relations with Moscow. Georgia’s key interest is to prevent the reopening of territorial conflicts amis the developments in Ukraine. The balance of losses and gains for Georgia is not yet obvious. Kazakhstan also plays the role of a hub for Russian business. Here, too, a significant influx of human capital from Russia is possible. Kazakhstan is a big market. A lot has also been done here to develop the financial infrastructure, including the establishment ...


Kazakhstan: from the Games of Thrones to the Jewel in the String of Pearls

... West is having hardly any appetite for entanglements in Central Asia considering its failures in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and recently Afghanistan, the rising Rest with the primacy of the Sino-Russian bloc is prone to endure for the coming decades or so Kazakhstan: a key player and a logistic hub for China’s Belt and Road Initiative, a member of the Russia-led Eurasian Economic Union and the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), the largest country in Central Asia that has practised a multi-vector ...


Great powers rivalry in Central Asia: new strategy, old game. Did the Kazakhstan crisis change the regional chessboard?

... point for the great civilizations of the world. It is not a novelty that in Central Asia there are two types of states: the first category of those developed from an economic and military point of view, with the advantage of population and territory: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan; the second category is that of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, which are less developed due to ongoing disputes over natural resources. An extremely interesting and important aspect to note as only Kazakhstan has a ...


Kazakhstan’s Common but Differentiated Institutions of State Power

Without a clear smoking barrel of the failed coup attempt, assessing the various failures of the unrest at national, party, domestic security and personnel levels remains clouded by the extremely opaque nature of the elite leadership in Kazakhstan The internecine violence of intra-Party clan fighting spilled catastrophically into the streets of Almaty, opening a window to a clan power struggle which has likely sounded the death-knell of the Nazarbayevs in domestic Kazakhstan politics....


In The Aftermath Of Taliban 2.0, Big-Power Race Hit Kazakhstan?

... Asia has been that Islamist militancy impacts “from Ferghana Valley to South Waziristan”. However, with the Taliban’s return to power in Afghanistan, the ambit might have expanded, engulfing the whole of Eurasia, as the ongoing developments in Kazakhstan are there to show.Source: TASS A country the size of Western Europe, whatever the internal dynamics of discontent, inflation and corruption might be, has been in a tailspin with unprecedented violence that threatens the regional stability also ...


Neighbours and Crises: New Challenges for Russia

... the existence of these countries in a competitive international environment is ensured by their link with one of the nuclear superpowers. Moreover, such connections can only complement each other with great difficulty. As the recent developments in Kazakhstan have demonstrated, they are not limited to the threat of an external invasion; even internal circumstances can become deadly. The dramatic events in that country were intensified by external interference from the geostrategic opponents of Russia,...


Will the U.S.-Russian Strategic Dialogue Be a Step Back from War?

... So there are many issues here. I will say I’m probably pessimistic about the future of arms control, but it will require a lot of commitment, a lot of patience and a lot of stamina. Schlanger : Somewhat pressing right now, which is the situation in Kazakhstan: We were talking last night, given the upcoming meetings and the potential for a breakthrough, that maybe we should be watching for something coming out of the blue that could be a destabilizing influence. And there are elements of what’s ...


Political Extremists, Gangs First Ones to Gain from Kazakh Turmoil

The Preliminary Lessons of the Crisis in Kazakhstan With the current situation in Kazakhstan remaining unclear and reports on last-minute developments being incomplete and controversial, many fundamental questions about the unfolding crisis so far have not received clear and convincing answers....


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