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The Role and Place of the Taliban on the Global Map of Islam: Challenges and Threats

... uprising of the Muslim Brotherhood of Syria were links in the same chain, attesting to the growth of Islamist sentiments in the Middle East. Andrey Kazantsev: Afghanistan Crisis: Security Problems for Russia and Central Asian States Today, the various groups ... ...,” and not the radicalization of certain groups. Therefore, the “Taliban myth” might threaten the very ideology of Salafi jihadism. Adriel Kasonta: Afghanistan Marks the Beginning of the End of US-led Unipolarity For example, the ousting of the Islamic ...


The Three Phases of Jihadism

... jihadists, as they had already been deeply califized by Saudi Arabia. After Arab upheavals destroyed the security order and cause a situation of chaos in Europe, there would be more opportunity to expand by recruiting brothers, training them in the Middle East or Pakistan, and sending them back to Europe to establish caliphates. The third phase of Jihadism, namely ISIS, held a post-millenarian perspective, as opposed to Al Qaeda which was pre-millenarian. By the same token, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi independently developed a form of jihad that was mostly sectarian. He was far more focused on killing ...


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