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The Role and Place of the Taliban on the Global Map of Islam: Challenges and Threats

... Taliban’s role and place in the many-faceted world of Islam. The Taliban and Salafi-jihadis The most accurate definition to characterize the various international terrorist organizations purportedly acting on behalf of Islam is that of “Salafi jihadism,” which was introduced in 2002 by the scholar Gilles Kepel to describe a “hybrid Islamist ideology” developed by volunteers from Arab and Muslim countries during the first Afghan War (1979–1992) [ 1 ]. Salafism came to be the spiritual,...


The Three Phases of Jihadism

... the Mediterranean in a historical perspective from the October war of 1973 to the present. Dr. Kepel maps the development of the Islamization of politics, and the impact of this development on Saudi Arabia and then later Iran, through three stages of Jihadism. This analysis is taken from an interview with Dr. Kepel. Stages of Jihadism The first stage of Jihadism, present from 1979 to 1997, was centered around both a jihad against the Soviets in Afghanistan and the possibility for Sunni groups to ...


Europe’s Attempts to Understand Online Extremism

... Netherlands, gave an interview for RIAC’s website about major issues addressed at the event. Could you please tell about the subject of your research? What are the main issues you focus on? Since I started my Ph.D. on Spanish speaking women engaged with jihadism on Facebook, I have been actively participating in international and national conferences on online jihadism, gender, and counter-terrorism. And since 2015, I have been regularly participating in the activities of Vox-Pol.EU. Furthermore, in ...


Cyber Caliphate: What Apps Are the Islamic State Using?

Jihadis, like hackers, are often a step ahead of the authorities and in tune with the latest technological innovations As the argument goes, law enforcement agencies must protect the safety of citizens, and to do so, they must be in contact with representatives of the IT sector. This in turn compels the representatives of mail services, messaging apps, and smartphone manufacturers to contact the authorities and disclose user information. However, excesses do occur, and the founder of the Telegram...


Bosnia and Kosovo: the Balkan forges of the European Jihad

The rising of jihadism in the Balkans represents a big security problem for all the European and Mediterranean community: different estimations show that Bosnia Herzegovina and Kosovo are two of the main centers of recruitment of foreign fighters directed to Syria,...


Will There Be an Alliance against the Islamic State?

... sufficiently successful. Less than a third of the countries in the world (60) have joined the coalition created to this end. Moreover, only few of them are involved in a full-fledged fight. Aleksey Sarabiev: Lebanon in the Crosshairs of Jihadism It should be recalled that the United States played the role of the coalition’s “moderator” and sent its Air Force to conduct airstrikes against ISIS positions. The US was joined by its Western allies, including Britain, Canada,...


Lebanon in the Crosshairs of Jihadism

... instability in Lebanon as well (see: НВО, 10.03.2015 [in Russian]). The acute problems in finding a political consensus between the main political forces in Lebanon cast doubt on any rosy prospects for the fight against IS and the al-Nusra Front jihadism. Major differences in approaches to assessing extremism at the regional level are bound to have an impact on the internal political situation. The success of finding a compromise depends on narrowing the differences between the leading outside ...


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