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Donald Trump: The 'Unreliable Flip-Flop Loser' President Who 'Lacks Stamina'

... to eradicate in his inauguration speech. Make America War Again Trump has somersaulted a full 180 degrees to capitulate to America’s Wahhabi lobby, led by the likes John McCain, Lyndsey Graham and Hillary Clinton. Any deviation from this norm was considered a Russian plot. However, when those Tomahawks were launched on April 6, Washington had magically found a president for all Americans; one who was no longer a budding dictator, a new Hitler or a Putin shill! Gone too would be Trump’s vows to eradicate ...


Will Erdogan resort to regional nuclear blackmail?

... from its goal of overthrowing the Syrian government in favour of an Islamist regime that will be remote-controlled from Washington and Riyadh. Ankara, however, may harbour a larger and more sinister goal in mind: The union of the pan-Turkic and Pan-Islamic worlds under its leadership. A US-abetted nuclear blackmail would provide the ideal opening for this otherwise unlikely adventure. The ball is now in Putin’s court. The Aug 1 downing of a Russian military helicopter in Syria’s Idlib province bordering Turkey was swiftly accompanied by the desecration of the pilots’ bodies. The terror group allegedly responsible for the shootdown, the Army of Conquest, was long backed by the ...


Is the UN relevant anymore to Greater Eurasia?

... amidst the backdrop of US-sanctioned neo-Nazi thuggery in Ukraine, and a pandemic rise in anti-Semitism all over Europe. Did someone say “Never again!”? Perhaps, the growing chasm between Western rhetoric and reality was a reason why Russian president Vladimir Putin called for the creation of “a non-aligned system of international security to counter global terror” during his May 9 V-Day speech. He warned off the “double standards” and “short-sighted ...


Greater Eurasia vs Greater Eurabia: The Fault-lines Emerge

... times of peril. Barring game-changing wildcards, this is the 21st century reality. In terms of longevity, Greater Eurasia’s civilization-states include China and India (5,000-years-old), Iran and Israel (4,000 years), Japan (3,000 years) and Russia (1,000 years). All other nations within Greater Eurasia are adjuncts, bridges or melting pots created by some of these ancient states. Japan and Israel however are standalone civilizations, with the latter having suffered a two-millennium gap in ...


Organization of Islamic Cooperation: Priorities and Policies

... because its population of 20 million Muslims enjoy an undisputed right to be a part of the global Ummah. This statement is still valid to date. At the October 2013 meeting with the heads of Muslim Boards in Ufa, Mr. Putin stated that "the voice of Russia's Muslim leaders must be better heard in the Islamic world." [2] Both in the past and nowadays, the Kremlin would like to see this achieved in order to consolidate its domestic Islamic community, as well as to identify ways to resolve internal problems. Establishing contacts with the OIC, ...


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