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Online Seminar “Assessing the Middle East conflicts (Lebanon, Iraq and Libya). View from Russia and Israel” Organized by RIAC and Center for Political Research MFA of Israel

The seminar was divided into two sessions: "Political instability in Lebanon and Iraq: View from Russia and Israel" and "Libya: between Turkey, Egypt and others?" On July 28, 2020, Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) together with the Center for Political Research, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel, with ...


The Role of External Players in Mashreq Conflicts Discussed at Shaikh Group Expert Meeting

... assistance of The Shaikh Group political consultancy, the ordinary virtual expert meeting on security issues in Mashreq region took place. The following issues were discussed during the meeting: the role of external players in conflict situations in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. Russia was represented at the meeting by Andrey Kortunov, RIAC Director General, and Irina Zvyagelskaya, RIAC Expert, Head of the Center for the Middle East Studies at RAS IMEMO.


The US-Kurdish Problematique

... particularly since the landmark elections of May 2018, notable for a poor turnout, which led to increasing calls for Kurdish support of the political process. More recently, the Commanding General of Combined Joint Task Force, Operation Inherent Resolve, in Iraq and Syria, Lt. Gen. Robert White, reaffirmed the US support of the security of the KRI through close military and diplomatic cooperation. However, no remarkable shifts should be attributed to the evolution of the already established US-KRG relations during ...


2020 Forecast: Revealing the Future of the Middle East

The impeachment process of US President Donald Trump and the US role in the MENA region would determine the future of conflicts in many countries starting from Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya and the future government in Lebanon, Iraq and Algeria, Turkey and Iran “When I thought I had already reached the bottom, they knocked from below.” — Stanislaw Jerzy Lec This quote of the polish aphorist and poet of the 20 ...


Andrea Dessì: the EU and Russia Share Much Potential for Cooperation in the Middle East

... eliminated its operational leader. However, the reality of the ISIS threat, and perhaps more so than other groups such as Al-Qaida, is that ISIS is less of a hierarchical organization. The elimination of its leader will pose difficulties to its operations in Syria and Iraq, where they were already significantly weakened, but does not necessarily limit the capabilities of other members or affiliated cells. The territorial control of ISIS had already been severely limited in Syria and Iraq before al-Baghdadi’s killing ...


Russia’s Interests in the Arab Mashreq: Analyzing the Future of Oil and Gas in Iraq and Syria

... working paper was prepared by the Russian International Affairs Council as part of the RIAC’s project on «Conflicts in the Middle East: Tools and Strategies for Settlement». This paper is devoted to analyzing the situation in the oil and gas market in Iraq and Syria, as well as the energy policy of Russia in the Arab Mashreq region. The authors also analyze Iraq’s oil prospects in the post-war period under sanctions against Iran. Special attention is paid to the Kurdish factor and the role the Kurds play ...


Political Weight or Economic Dividends: New Role for Russia in the Middle East?

... traditionally dominant player in the region – the United States. Another multilateral tool, which helped Russia in the region, was the intelligence-sharing Baghdad Information Center, which included representatives of the special services from Russia, Iran, Iraq and Syria. In 2019, there were four key policy areas for Russia in Syria: the involvement of regional and European states in the discussions of refugee return and reconstruction (for example, Russia welcomed the establishing of a Istanbul format with the ...


RIAC and Evgeniy Primakov Center for International Cooperation Hold International Expert Dialogue "Russia — the Middle East"

... Studies (IRAS, Iran), the Center for Strategic Research (SAM) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey, Middle East Technical University (Turkey), American University of Beirut (Lebanon), Damascus Center for Research and Studies (Syria), Al-Rafidain Center For Dialogue (Iraq), Al-Quds University (Palestine), the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for West Asia, and other. The Russian side was represented by experts from RIAC, RAS Institute of Oriental Studies, National Research University Higher School of ...


Middle East – 2030

... is pressed by Saudi power. Palestinians also need Saudi money. Saudi Arabia projects power through Sunni groups into western Iraq and into eastern Syria and Idlib. Israel and Saudi Arabia work together. Also vectors of power are strong from Iran with Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, and potentially Bahrain and Qatar. And vectors of power a very strong from Turkey into northern Syria and northern Iraq. The USA works military especially through Israel, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, but with cooperation also in Iraq ...


Prospects for Russia–China Cooperation in the Middle East

... approach is in many ways a response to the threats to Russia emanating from the Middle Eastern region, especially considering the proliferation of the Jabhat al-Nusra (Al Nusra Front, or al-Qaeda) and so-called Islamic State terrorist organisations in Syria and Iraq. These groups also threaten China’s security, recruiting fighters both domestically and from Russia (as well as from existing terrorist organisations such as the Caucasus Emirate and the Turkistan Islamic Party). The question of the possible return ...


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