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Terrorist Movements Today: Self-Radicalization and Symbiotic Relationship

... counterterrorism strategy CONTEST, which set out a more sophisticated approach to online counterterrorism. That document acknowledges that the Internet, in fact, presents significant challenges. This new approach was then followed up in 2010 when a new Counterterrorism Internet Referral Unit was launched with the Association of the Chief Police Officers. What this particular unit does is remove and modify unlawful internet content. It also identifies individuals responsible for posting of such material, scans the Web ...


Global Tech Companies Counter Online Terrorist Content

... Understand Online Extremism Global tech companies began to respond to the governmental calls to flag dangerous online content long before the tragedy in Christchurch. For instance, in June 2017, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube formed the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT) under the auspices of the United Nations. The Forum’s participants pledged : to develop and share technology to responsibly address terrorist content across the industry; to fund research and share good practices in order to develop ...


Cyber Caliphate: What Apps Are the Islamic State Using?

... preoccupied with the creation of their own application. In January 2016, the Ghost Group , which specializes in the fight against terrorism, uncovered online an instant messaging service created by militants, Alrawi . This Android application cannot be downloaded ... ... technological innovations. Gabriel Weimann, a professor at the University of Haifa in Israel and the world’s foremost researcher of Internet extremism, noted that terrorist groups tend to be the first users of new online platforms and services. As social media ...


Peshawar: Pakistani “Beslan”

... web has allowed terrorists to solve the problem of recruiting and training supporters, and organizing and coordinating their actions in an effective manner. The impact of terrorist attacks in terms of propaganda has increased as a direct result of the internet. Sohail Mahmood and Mehdi Dehnavi: Is It A New War Against Terrorism? The changing information environment has contributed in part to the increased barbarity of terrorist acts. Violence has become a regular fixture in daily news reports around the world. If a person is not directly affected by a terrorist attack,...


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