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Predicting a Tripolar Nuclear World: Where Does the United States Fit In?

... 2018 during Donald Trump’s presidency. One of the key functions of any publicly available strategic document is to deliver information to other states – both friendly and hostile. Yet only in few areas does this matter as much as in the field of nuclear weapons. NDS-2022, and particularly NPR-2022, contain a significant number of clearly defined U.S. norms and doctrinal guidelines regarding nuclear weapons and strategic stability, with the main target audience being the top political brass of ...


The Post-INF Treaty world: Cutting Сosts and Reducing Risks

... is quite rightly considered one of the most significant achievements in the field of international security this century; the JCPOA held its ground even when Donald Trump... ... imagination in the nuclear sphere that they demonstrated in 2003. The future of nuclear arms control (if it has one) will in any case be multilateral in nature. And if the... ... and the United States have 7,200 and 7,000 units of nuclear arms, including tactical nuclear weapons and warheads stored in warehouses, respectively. However, arms control...


End of Nuclear Arms Control: Do Not Beware the Ides of March

... strategic stability in the world, fell apart before our very eyes. And now the foundations of the core instrument of global arms control – the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) – are starting to crumble too, as it is looking dangerously ... ... we started preparing ourselves for the possibility of waking up in March 2021 in a world where there are no restrictions on nuclear weapons. The potential disintegration of New START would not be catastrophic for Russia, all the more so because the country ...


Road to Nowhere

... Nuclear Forces Treaty (the INF Treaty) signed by the USSR and the United States in 1987. Once again, contrived pretexts are being put forward that fail to convince anyone and yet again show that Washington continues to openly disregard the interests of international security, including the security of its closest allies in Europe, Asia and throughout the world. It is perfectly clear that the withdrawal of the United States from the INF Treaty will only accelerate the deployment of that type of missile ...


U.S. Withdrawal From the INF Treaty and the End of the Bilateral Era

Perhaps the term “arms control” itself should be revised Could the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty have been saved? No doubt.... ... out. Not only is it difficult and perhaps even impossible to ratify any national agreement today, especially with regards to nuclear weapons, the ongoing U.S.-Russia confrontation further complicates this process. Under such strained conditions, whether ...


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