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The East Expands into NATO: Japan’s and South Korea’s New Approaches to Security

NATO and its partners will soon have to think about the limits and purpose of expanding the organization’s areas of activity The 2022 NATO Summit in Madrid can be seen as a momentous occasion not just for NATO but also for security in the Asia-Pacific. For the first time in NATO’s 73-year-long history, Japanese and South Korean leaders participated in the meeting as “Asia-Pacific partners”. For the first time, the Alliance named China a threat in their documents. However, having ...


Impact of Ukrainian Crisis on Regional Security Discussed with Diplomats from Asia-Pacific Countries

Possible options for peace agreements between Moscow and Kiev were also discussed On April 6, 2022, at the residence of Australian Ambassador to Russia, Andrey Kortunov, RIAC Director General, had a meeting with diplomats from the Asia-Pacific countries on the consequences of Russia's special military operation on the territory of Ukraine for security and strategic stability in the Asia-Pacific region. Possible options for peace agreements between Moscow and Kiev were also discussed....


China-Russian Strategic Partnership: From Continental to Marine

... including politics, security, economy, science and technology, environment, public health, infrastructure construction, connectivity, etc. The emergence of such a framework can have a deconstructive impact on the existing multilateral mechanisms in the Asia-Pacific. It also enables the United States, Japan, India and Australia to have a dominant mechanism in the affairs of the Pacific and Indian Ocean regions. There is no doubt that the main target of the U.S. Indo-Pacific strategy is China, and the ...


Assessing the Trend of the Indo-Pacific Strategy

The factors driving the Indo-Pacific strategy forward are clearly stronger than the constraints After the U.S. has put forward its Asia-Pacific strategy in 2017, many commentators believed that the concept was artificial and lacking in political foundation, concluding therefore that it would not take off. However, contrary to this prediction, the development of the Indo-Pacific strategy ...


Russia — New Zealand Expert Discussion on Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific

Participants discussed relevant issues between the Asia-Pacific countries and views of Russia and New Zealand on regional security On September 16, 2019, the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) with the support of the Embassy of New Zealand in Moscow held a round table “Regional Development ...


How Does Canberra Implement Its Role as a Regional Power with Global Interests

... maintaining and building upon the global economic institutions that have worked so well to date, such as the World Trade Organisation. It can also refer to the fact that Australia has for some time made a significant contribution in treasure and blood to international security in areas far from our home region — in the Middle East and Afghanistan in particular. It also refers to our active engagement in multilateral diplomacy, including on key international security regimes. In terms of how do we go ...


RIAC at 7th World Peace Forum

On June 14–15, 2018, Beijing hosted a regular 7th World Peace Forum, one of the most representative and authoritative events on the international security issues and strategic stability in the Asia-Pacific region. The Forum is traditionally organized by Tsinghua University and Chinese People's Institute of Foreign Affairs (CPIFA). On June 14–15, 2018, Beijing hosted a regular 7th World Peace Forum, one of the most representative and authoritative ...


Andrey Kortunov meets with Australian diplomats

... Director General Andrey Kortunov met with Australian Ambassador to Russia Peter Tesch and Head of the Political Section of the Embassy Ted Burgell. The participants of the meeting discussed bilateral Russian-Australian relations, security issues in the Asia-Pacific, and prospects for cooperation between the two countries in solving problems of global governance (ensuring global food supply security, above all).


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