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Legal Absurdity from the European Commission

New rules to restrict the importation of personal belongings by Russian citizens into the EU On September 8, 2023, the European Commission posted FAQ on its website, covering the procedure for the import, acquisition and transfer of goods subject to restrictive measures against Russia (Regulation No. 833/2014). This information caused quite a heated debate in the Russian media and expert community , which was largely due to a very strange understanding by the European Commission staff of the...


Why International Institutions Overlook the Persecution of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church?

... although these were accompanied by outreach activity. All this led to huge casualties in the two initial decades of the 20th century. One could say that such an outcome was inevitable in that era because states, in the absence of developed institutions of international law, having no mechanism of co-operation, were doomed to blind competition. But even with the emergence of the League of Nations, little changed; Orthodoxy remained an unfamiliar “other” of the Eurocentric world. Daniil Parenkov: The ...


Rules-Based International Order: Dos and Don’ts of “Liberal” Manners

... and uphold, without publicly proclaiming the notional and ideological aspects of this phenomenon. What is this notorious “rule-based order” actually about? What “rules” do American and European politicians have in mind? How do they relate to international law and to the concept of a liberal world order? These questions have been asked time and again by Russia and China, to which the U.S. incriminates the gross violation of the so-called “rules”. This is normally followed by strict “reprimands” ...


The Future of the Arctic Council

Working Paper No. 75 / 2023 Working Paper No. 75 / 2023 This Working Paper analyses the March 3 and June 8, 2022, Joint Statements made by the seven Western Arctic Council member states in the current political and legal context of environmental and economic management in the northern polar region. Taking existing academic publications on the status of the Arctic Council, the authors examine various options for the future of the Council moving forward. The Future of the Arctic Council , 3.3 Mb


Fair and Unfair Play: Regulating Means and Methods of Warfare

Why humanitarian law is one of the most codified and least respected branches of international law Do we have any detailed and documented rules of military engagement today? Yes. Are these rules regularly followed? Mostly not. Does this mean that there is something wrong with the rules themselves and that international humanitarian ...


RIAC at St. Petersburg International Legal Forum

On May 11–13, 2023, the annual St. Petersburg International Legal Forum was held in St. Petersburg. On May 11, 2023, Ivan Timofeev, RIAC Director General, spoke at the session “The New Global Order: Legal Modelling and Forecasting”. He noted that according to a number of parameters, the world has long been multipolar, and the United States does not have complete freedom of action, however, the world finances still retain signs of a unipolar model. RIAC Director General also noted that the parameters...


Remember Russian School Bell Ringing in Poland?

In the absence of other achievements, Poland touts the seizure of the school as a “victory” over Russia On the eve of the May holidays, the Polish authorities seized the building housing the Russian Embassy school, which was famous for its long traditions and high level of education. The Embassy lost its educational institution in the year of the school’s 70th anniversary. In 1953, the Soviet Embassy and the government of the Polish People’s Republic reached an agreement to transfer the school...


Time for an International Cyber Court?

... peaceful methods is judicial settlement. As for the application of this principle to ICT, the widespread desire to establish a global court with jurisdiction over transnational crimes in ICT has led to a variety of approaches in domestic and foreign international law doctrine [ 1 ]. This issue is particularly relevant nowadays, given a steep rise in the number of cyber offences. In 2010, the UN General Assembly adopted Resolution 65/230 to address the issue of consolidating the existing judicial ...


International Regulation of Private Military and Security Companies

... can subsequently make it more difficult to get medical assistance and compensation in cases of injury or death. Third, both companies and their personnel are frequently prone to abusing their positions, which entails various breaches of national and international law. These circumstances make it necessary to introduce international legal regulation in this sphere to prevent transgressions by both companies and their personnel and ensure access to justice and legal remedies. Andrey Kortunov: The ...


The Arctic Is a Complex Region Which Cannot Be Designated with a Single Status

Interview with Kamrul Hossain, Director of the Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law at the University of Lapland As part of the series of interviews “International Law in Action,” a second interview took place with Kamrul Hossai n , Professor, Director of the Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law at the University of Lapland. Prof. Hossain spoke on topical problems of the Arctic ...


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