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Blow to International Humanitarian Law

International Humanitarian Law (IHL) is applicable on both international and non-international armed conflicts. Given the Kashmir issue, this law, being the major component of international law, has a wider scope and germane applicability on India despite well-staged encounters and operations by its armed forces. The status of Kashmir and associated controversies cannot be amalgamated with power abuse and unabated human right ...


Do As I Say, Not As I Do: Power Politics and International Law

... of the international system and the claim that all states are equal under the law. Due to the fact that this behavior is not limited to extreme case scenarios, in which a crisis necessitates unilateral action that may not be entirely concurrent with international law, it leaves researchers questioning why the United States chooses to break international law when doing so does not necessarily serve to promote its vital interests. Although other states repeatedly condemn this pattern of behavior, there ...


The Validity of the Term "State" in a De Facto Context

... international state system. This will involve a brief appraisal of the definition of statehood itself, as well as a review of the two main theories concerning state recognition. Finally this post will outline the thought process behind non-recognition in international law. As regards the current legal status of statehood there is little basis enshrined in law with which to disqualify the majority of unrecognised states. Proponents of emergent independence often reference the factually based provisions ...


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