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Russia and the United States Mapping Out Cooperation in Information Security

... international information security is a new milestone on the path towards establishing an international regime for information security The first committee of the 76 th session of the UN General Assembly has adopted a draft resolution on international information security sponsored by Russia and the United States by consensus. The document has a record number of co-sponsors, with 107 countries putting their name to the document, although it is Russia and the United States that promote the document as its main sponsors . While the ...


Putin and Biden’s Cyber Summit

... voting on the amendments to the Russian constitution came from the United States, the United Kingdom, Ukraine and a number of CIS states. Daniel Stauffacher: Time to Create a Single Negotiating Cyber Forum under the UN General Assembly First Committee Russia believes that information security issues must be handled jointly and that unilateral actions that could have dangerous implications should be avoided. However, the U.S.–Russia dialogue on the subject has been frozen over the last five years. When the Trump administration ...


Time to Create a Single Negotiating Cyber Forum under the UN General Assembly First Committee

... is especially disappointing. Still, we should recognize that the recent agreement through negotiations of the UN Open Ended Working Group is a positive step forward, in spite of the global trend towards escalating tensions, especially those between Russia, China and the U.S. We have two negotiating platforms, the GGE and the OEWG. What do you think about such co-existence? We appreciate the history and the genesis of these two parallel processes, however, I should say it is now time that we combined ...


Broad Cyber-Consensus

... while the Ministry of Foreign Affairs lauded the significance of the moment in its official commentary . To better understand why the adoption of the report has exactly seen such a success, we need to take a trip into the recent past. The issue of information security was included in the UN agenda in 1998, after Russia presented its draft resolution “Achievements in the Field of Information and Telecommunications in the Context of International Security” to the First Committee of the United Nations General Assembly. Negotiations have been ongoing since 2004 ...


RIAC and RUSI Discuss Challenges to Information Space in Russia and the UK

The seminar was devoted to the analysis of challenges to the information spaces of Russia and the UK, the rules of conduct in the information space, and media codes in Russia and the UK, the development of social networks and their influence, the creation, spread and effects of fake news in both countries On January 20, 2020, in Moscow,...


"Creative Diplomacy" Center and RIAC Hold a Discussion on Russian Approaches to Ensuring Information Security

... view on a wide range of issues in the area of cybersecurity, including attribution of cyberattacks, strengthening cooperation and trust between states in the use of ICT, etc. Particular emphasis in the discussion was made on the latest achievements of Russian diplomacy at the United Nations platform in the area of international information security (IIS). Timur Makhmutov, RIAC Deputy Director of Programs, and Anastasia Tolstukhina, RIAC Program Assistant, represented Russian International Affairs Council at the event, giving comments on the prospects of the UN track in IIS provisioning....


Russian Propaganda”: On Social Networks, in Eastern Europe, and Soon Everywhere

... does not believe, or is unwilling to believe, in the sincerity of the revived fears in the West about Russia’s information influence. Ironically, the growing focus of the United States on information influence leads to a convergence of the U.S. and Russian approaches to international information security. For years, the fundamental difference between the two sides was that the United States viewed cybersecurity in the strict sense of network security, software security and information protection, whereas Russia was additionally concerned ...


Russia and the West: An Information War?

The tragedy for Russia and the collective West is that they continue to fight the wars of the past against one another, while underestimating the ideological strength of radical Islam Since 2013 when the crisis in Ukraine broke out, the notion of information warfare ...


Internet: How Deep Is Pandora’s Box?

... inseparably linked to the Internet. However, these threats vary depending on their origin, the tools that are at the disposal of the attackers and the scale of damage. How are these threats seen by anti-virus companies? We asked Boris Sharov , CEO of the Russia’s oldest anti-virus company Doctor Web, to share his views on the problem and to tell us about his company’s work. What are the main threats of the Internet for the ordinary user, as well as for banking systems and critical state infrastructure?...


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