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Nord Stream 2: Who Benefits From the Navalny Affair?

... several occasions insisted on the absence of a link between the poisoning of Navalny and the construction of Nord Stream 2. While the project has stalled since last year, this speech shows the vital interest of Germany for privileged access to Russian gas. Germany's energy transition depends on it. However, as we have seen, Europe is fundamentally divided on this project. As a true driving force of the European Union, Germany must condemn the poisoning of Navalny, treated in a German hospital, in order ...


The Fight for Nord Stream 2: The Interests of all the Players Involved

... pipeline. Polish companies will be able to hold onto the same amount of gas without having to spend money pumping it to Germany. In other words, they can turn a profit by buying cheap gas on the spot market and then refusing to physically pump part of the gas to Germany. The second theory is all not entirely correct. It is true that Nord Stream 2 and TurkStream are being built so that an alternative gas pumping route can be chosen. At present, Gazprom cannot cut the volume of gas it sends through Ukraine, as ...


Despite the Sanctions and Ukraine

... hydropower capacities have been stagnating for years (11 per cent), while the second most important renewable energy source, wind energy, takes up only 3.8 per cent in the country’s energy balance. Despite the impressive growth of wind energy use in Germany, coal still dominates the country’s energy sources. In Holland, coal consumption grew by 19 per cent in 2010–2015, and gas imported from Russia could be a way to cover the Dutch fields dropping production without the risk of paying taxes on CO2 emissions. Out of Gazprom’s three latest gas transportation initiatives (the South Stream, the Turkish Stream and Nord ...


Nord Stream 2: Pros and Cons

... intended for Central and Eastern Europe, including that which travels through the Yamal–Europe pipeline, will run through a new route, and Germany will become the largest gas hub in Europe. Gazprom, in turn, will become the leading supplier of gas to Germany, with a 60-per cent share of the market . But there are a number of obstacles in the way of Nord Stream 2 becoming a reality. The most often cited of these – that increasing gas supplies is impractical and uneconomical – are unsubstantiated ...


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