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Russia in the Balkans

... precision and help develop a strategy for interacting with the countries of the region. Russia's withdrawal from the Balkans means a loss of standing in southeast Europe, which will limit room for action in the Mediterranean. That will result in the European Union and NATO exerting even greater pressure on the Transcaucasian states and Belarus. The loss of the Balkans will narrow Russia's room for manoeuvre in its relations with Turkey, a country that is bolstering its standing in Southeast Europe....


Relations between Russia and Visegrad Group Discussed at RIAC

... Vitaly Zhurkin, Honorary Director of RAS Institute for European Studies; as well as RIAC experts and staff. Opening the roundtable, RIAC Director General Andrey Kortunov focused on the dynamic role of the Visegrad countries in the CEE policies of the European Union. Director of RAS Institute for European Studies Alexey Gromyko underlined the importance of the Visegrad Group for development of its member states and cooperation of Russia with Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. Ambassador Priputen summed up the results of the Slovak presidency in the Visegrad Group. Roundtable "The Visegrad Europe ...


Russia and the Visegrad Group: The Ukrainian Challenge

RIAC Report #22, 2015 The Eastern Partnership policy that triggered the Ukrainian crisis has provided ample opportunity to reflect on Russia–EU relations, alongside with evaluating cooperation between Russia and the Visegrad Group countries (also called the Visegrad Four or V4). The Visegrad Four have taken on responsibility for the eastward enlargement of the European Union having become its members. Authors: L. N. Shishelina, Dr. of History (Lead Author and Compiler); A. V. Drynochkin, Dr. of Economics; L.S. Lykoshina, Dr. of History; Y.A. Scherbakova, Ph.D. in History Russia and the Visegrad Group: The Ukrainian ...


Round Table ‘Visegrad Europe and Russia Today’

... will include ambassadors of all the four countries (Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary), Russian experts and representatives of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and foreign diplomatic corps. The RIAC report ‘ Russia and the Visegrad Group: the Ukrainian Challenge ’ will be presented at the event. The report was prepared by a group of authors under the leadership of Lyubov Shishelina, Doctor of History, Head of East-European Studies Section at the RAS Institute of Europe....


Nothing Personal, Just Business

... Russia, as well as speak of the Debaltseve “Kettle” and a number of other issues, while on the territory of the European Union [4] . Working meeting between Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Company's Management Committee and ... ... the political life of the country, largely due to the country’s weak economic development (even in comparison with its Visegrad group neighbors). For example, Fidesz used to be a center-right party, but has now shifted to the right due to the growing ...


The Visegrad agenda: Russia between the lines

Bratislava Global Security Forum GLOBSEC 2013 The Prime Minister of Slovakia and Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Visegrad group countries almost did not mention Russia at the opening of the Global Security Forum in Slovakia. The Forum is a recognized platform for coordinating the foreign political agenda of the Visegrad Group – Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and ...


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