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Russia-West: Is It Possible to Lift the Sanctions?

The inclusion of sanctions in the formula for a compromise on Ukraine is quite possible. Total pessimism is hardly desirable here Diplomatic manoeuvring by Russia and Ukraine on the issue of a peace agreement, or at least a ceasefire, naturally raise the question of a possible lifting of Western sanctions against Russia. American officials have already made it clear that Washington will lift the previously-imposed sanctions if the current military operation is ceased. Andrey Kortunov: The end...


Terrorist Movements Today: Self-Radicalization and Symbiotic Relationship

... cyber defenses that are standing ready to do something when cyber-attacks occur. If you look at the most recent strategy of the United Kingdom in terms of the security strategy, an emphasis has also been put on this particular dimension. Joseph Fitsanakis: ... ... number of different initiatives that could drive that type of cooperation. It could do that as part of the foreign policy of the European Union. But it could also do that as part of the general counterterrorism cooperation that the European Union conducts ...


Britain Learns to Apply Sanctions

... consequences relative to the size of the British economy. It is also important not to ignore London’s role as a participant in the international “sanctions coalitions”. Most likely, Britain will support US sanctions more enthusiastically than the European Union. First published in the Valdai Discussion Club .


The Global Value Shift: Adjusting the Institutional Framework

I think God’s going to come down and pull civilization over for speeding. – Stephen Wright A civilization is built on what is required of men, not on that which is provided to them – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry One of the dimensions in the reform of global governance and the role of the United Nations is a rebalancing of global development priorities towards human capital development. Perhaps one of the key lessons from the current crisis is that finance is not the sole prerogative of global governance...


Coronavirus Reveals Cracks in European Unity

... times of crisis, Europe’s bureaucratic machinery is painfully slow. These three examples are only the latest to prove that the European Union does not stand as united as it likes to believe. Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis said, " We didn't need ... ... Toward New Forms of Social Organisation? A more historic example of discrepancy in unity was the preferential treatment of the United Kingdom in terms of their financial contributions to the EU budget. The so-called “UK Rebate,” active from 1985 to ...


Maxine David: The UK Has Acted as a Cautionary Tale to Other EU Countries

If another state were to do this, they would have to think very carefully on how they need to educate their people and correctly express the question being asked During the 11th EUREN meeting in Moscow, the RIAC editorial team sat down with Dr Maxine David, Lecturer in European Studies at Leiden University and Research Fellow at the Global Europe Centre at the University of Kent. The discussion was focused on the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, how a new generation of voters could potentially...


Ian Bond: EU Is Always Open to Dialogue with Russia, but It All Depends on the Terms

A Wide-Ranging Interview with Ian Bond, Director of Foreign Policy at the Centre for European Reform The RIAC editorial team recently sat down with Ian Bond , Director of Foreign Policy at the Centre for European Reform. Bond is an expert in Russia and the former Soviet Union, European foreign policy, as well as Europe/Asia relations and US foreign policy. In this interview, RIAC gets Bond’s take on current political developments in and around the EU and what such developments mean for the future...


A New Era of Arms Control: Myths, Realities and Options

Only the continuation of nuclear arms control can create the political and military conditions for eventual limitations of innovative weapons systems and technologies, as well as for a carefully thought through and phased shift to a multilateral format of nuclear disarmament. Only the continuation of nuclear arms control can create the political and military conditions for eventual limitations of innovative weapons systems and technologies, as well as for a carefully thought through and phased...


What Difference Will Brexit Make to Britain and the EU? Discussion with Ian Bond at RIAC

... Director of the Foreign Policy Department of the London Center for European Reform . The problem of Britain’s exit from the European Union was considered from the point of view of economic and political consequences, taking into account the analysis ... ... third countries once it leaves the free trade area? Brexit will definitely touch upon the issues of the foreign policy of the United Kingdom, that over the years of the EU’s existence has become accustomed to EU’s assistance in achieving its foreign ...


Weimar 2.0 and Russia

The EU/Germany are now on the side of democracy and social justice, and the Anglo-Americans throw themselves and all the rest into the dark Hobbesian world of the period between two wars. How should Russia position herself in this context? Power is always a sophisticated and ambiguous exercise in its own disappearance. Les Strategies Fatales, Jean Baudrillard For a number of years already in the West, and in Europe in particular, they talk of Weimar or Weimar syndrome alluding to the rise of the...


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