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12 Essential Steps in a Conceptual Dead End

... the European Union does not have any objections to this, but nuances determine the content of the relations between the two sides. Twelve Steps Toward Greater Security in Ukraine and the Euro-Atlantic Region. Twelve Steps Toward Greater Security in Ukraine and the Euro-Atlantic Region Put bluntly, these nuances are NATO and the European Union. Together, they form the Euro-Atlantic community, which unites most of the planet’s economically developed military powers. This contradiction was barely noticeable during the initial post-Soviet years when Russia was still forming its ...


Ukraine: Geopolitical View of the Interested International Actors

Common values present an opportunity to rebuild trust The geopolitical position of Ukraine at the current stage of development of international order is complicated and somewhat challenging. The country is in ... ... the European path during the 2004 revolution. Institutionally, this path implies the country’s aspiration to join the EU and NATO. Recent amendments to the Ukrainian constitution legitimize this drive. The European identity is historically a superstructure ...


How to Make Peace in Ukraine Five Years After Minsk II

... Donbass Five years ago, in February 2015, the first steps towards a vision for peace in Ukraine were taken with the Minsk II agreement. Five years is a long time not only in... ... authority. Now, the German-speakers there live peacefully within Italy as citizens of the European Union. This integration-through-decentralization process into the Italian national... ... European family of nations. This is despite the fact that Austria, even now, is not a NATO member and only joined the EU in 1995, 24 years after the agreement on South Tyrol...


Russia Facing Europe: A Provisional Road Map

... permanently associated with the EU without sharing institutions with it is also history. The Ukraine crisis has divided Europe and Russia, but it has also pushed Russia to pivot... ... source of technology and investment. Yet despite being an economic powerhouse, the European Union is dismissed by Russians as a geopolitical and strategic player. When... ... feelings of malaise on both sides. Despite the ongoing U.S.-Russia confrontation, the NATO-Russia military standoff in Europe is still relatively low-level. While preparing...


Reducing Risks and Cutting Costs: The Art of Confrontation Management

... principles.” Mark Entin, Ekaterina Entina: Testing by the Council of Europe However, the European Union cannot continue to maintain its integrity on the “Russian issue”... ... rapprochement with Moscow, and EU policy will devolve into its lowest common denominator from among the positions of its members every single time. Furthermore, since... ... there needs to be a new consorted effort on reaching a sustainable peace in Eastern Ukraine. Political developments in Ukraine might present new opportunities — if not...


How Ukraine Will Change After Zelensky’s Victory

... more inclined towards pragmatism. Still, I think we should wait for his first key staff appointments. In any case, they will be working within the pro-Western paradigm and lead the country towards collaboration with international financial bodies, the European Union and NATO. Russia–Ukraine relations will largely depend on the general trends in U.S.–Russia relations, and I think gradually moving away from escalation is the maximum that Kiev would be willing to do in its relations with Moscow. This should probably start with goodwill ...


New European Mythology for Ukraine

Assessing the prospects and context of Ukraine’s EU drive Ukraine first embraced the European path during the 2004 revolution. Institutionally, this path implies the country’s aspiration to join the EU and NATO. The recent amendments to the Ukrainian constitution legitimise this drive. This very fact suggests that Ukraine is committed to development and reforms, but a number of paradoxes cast doubts on the project. This article aims to dissect Ukraine’s ...


State of Play: Russia and the Fraying West

... only work with Washington to prevent incidents from spinning out of control; to avoid escalation of running conflicts such as Ukraine; and to minimize mutual misperceptions. Crucial here is a 24/7 US-Russian military-to-military communication link, and ... ... energy sector. Security matters will have to take a back seat: Europeans cannot decide alone on the issues that fall within NATO’s competence. The OSCE is essentially irrelevant, and the Russia-NATO communications line is but an add-on to the US-Russian ...


Opportunities for Europe, Syria and Russia with New Approaches

... Contrary to promises from President Reagan, the three Baltic countries, former members of the Soviet Union, became members of NATO, an alliance directed against Russia. And contrary to their official status as “neutral” countries, Sweden and Finland,... ... Estonia-Latvia-Lithuania – Kaliningrad – Stockholm. The participation of Danes, Poles, and Germans is welcome, but not required. Ukraine Minsk agreements are fine, but one of the reasons they have not worked in practice is, that there has been no solution ...


Russia and Ukraine: Four Scenarios for the Future

... boundary bulwark in the West’s confrontation with the East. Understanding its value for the West and relying on significant successes in implementing socioeconomic reforms, Ukraine will more insistently demand a speedy integration into the bodies of NATO and the European Union. Although Ukraine is unlikely to become a full member of either the European Union or NATO in the foreseeable future, cooperation with these organizations will become intense and multifaceted. Andrey Kortunov: Europe and Russia: Four Scenarios for the New Cycle ...


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