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Meeting with French Ambassador Pierre Levy and German Ambassador Geza Andreas von Geyr

... Russia On May 5, 2022, Igor Ivanov, RIAC President, had a meeting with French Ambassador Pierre Levy and German Ambassador Geza Andreas von Geyr at the French Embassy in Russia. The meeting addressed the prospects in relations between Russia and the European Union against the backdrop of the ongoing special military operation on the territory of Ukraine. The issues of the current French Presidency of the Council of the European Union and the priorities of Emmanuel Macron's second presidential term ...


The Role of Nuclear Energy for the Achievement of the EU’s and Russia’s Climate Targets

... nuclear power in the green transition. Nevertheless, at the national level, a dichotomy of approaches seems to be forming between Germany and France. Two different strategies for the achievement of the green transition, which are highly in contrast with one another. The ... ... highly self-sufficient energy grid based on nuclear power has also political consequences. Advocating for an energy-independent European Union is powerful and tempting at the same time, but risks overlooking the importance of maintaining stable and functioning ...


Weimar 2.0 and Russia

The EU/Germany are now on the side of democracy and social justice, and the Anglo-Americans throw themselves and all the rest into the ... ... alienation. They are easier to solve together. We can draw lessons from each other’s mistakes. If we take the pensions reform in France, something could be prompted by the experience of the similar reform in Russia. It has led to a substantial rise in the ...


A Europe Whole and Free: A Utopia or, After All, a Future?

... continent together with the institutions has inherited their policies, including that of containment of not only Russia but Germany as well, as has become obvious under the Trump Administration? So, the alienation between Russia and the West is what ... ... globalised world of interdependence and cultural diversity, where development of all would ensure development of each nation. France convened the Paris Peace Forum last year to mark the end of World War One. So far its results do not impress. Maybe, we ...


The National Factor in Europe Today

... orchestrated "anti-Russian hysteria." Restarting the "Franco-German engine" of Europe The reconciliation of France and Germany, after what Ernst Nolte called the "European Civil War", was an unquestionable obligation in view of the two ... ... a shared historic heritage and a mutual and enlightened consent of citizens. This basic difference perhaps explains why the European Union, founded on the Franco-German alliance, mixing two national traditions to extract them from their old conflicts ...


An Unforeseeable Europe

... leadership of David Cameron’s cabinet, the United Kingdom voted in favour of leaving the European Union. The United States elected Donald Trump, an outspoken critic of the European... ... newest resident. In 2017, populists were stopped first in the Netherlands and then in France. The German political system also fended off the onslaught of the right, which... ... the German federal elections was pyrrhic: next year, the exogenous Alternative for Germany party will achieve unprecedented success in Bavaria and Hesse and the Chancellor...


Possible International “Package Solution” Formats on the Balkans Issue

... the region. Great Britain tends to support the Albanians at the expense of all other ethno-national formations of the region. France has a different vision: for Paris the most important thing is to protect its political and economic interests in a larger ... ... into the neighboring countries. Thus, it is important for them to ensure its long-term stability and crisis-free development. Germany takes an intransigent position regarding any territorial exchanges. As a result, it largely dominates the European Union. Berlin insists that it is totally unacceptable to implement any territorial exchanges and reorganize the Balkan ...


The Times for a Special Relationship Between Germany and Russia Are Over

The road to Moscow does not lead through Berlin alone, but also through Brussels Relations between Germany and Russia are in a state of severe crisis. At latest since the outbreak of the Ukraine conflict, but also even before,... ... at taking on more responsibility. How a responsible international Russia policy might look like is demonstrated right now by France’s president: a clear stance towards Russia in Syria and in questions of domestic meddling while at the same time continuing ...


European Union Is Back in the Game

... European Asylum Agency, adopting a common defence strategy, forming a European Expeditionary Force, and many other things [ 24 ; 25 ; 26 ]. Responding to his proposals, Angela Merkel noted that there is a “high degree of correlation between the plans Germany and France have for the future of the European Union” [ 23 ]. Or is Juncker afraid of a sharply deteriorating international situation which might have a very negative effect on European Union? The European island of relative prosperity is surrounded by a crescent of wars, discord and political ...


The Men and Women of Ruins

... Werner Faymann told the Austrian national daily Der Standard. Austria is Germany’s closest and most reliable ally in the European Union. The Austrian economy is closely connected to Germany and is based on the same model. Like the other donor countries, Austria is critical of the Greek economic policy, but the recent events have shocked it, along with other countries. Prime Minister of France Manuel Valls said, trying to convince the divided French parliament to approve a new bailout package for Athens: “We ...


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