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The Caesar Act: A New Challenge for Syria?

... prerequisites for mobilizing Syria’s internal resources and expanding Russia’s economic presence On June 17, the United States began ... ... experts thought that the country’s marginalization in the global economy would make it less vulnerable to the pandemic. The authorities ... ... was rumoured to have been placed under house arrest for his refusal to donate the bulk of his 5-billion-dollar fortune to advance ... ... reconstruction effort. The German expert Muriel Asseburg notes that the European Union’s consolidated standing is eroded by differences ...


The Global Value Shift: Adjusting the Institutional Framework

... risks at hand. Given the difficulties, including severe budget constraints, that are likely to be experienced by the global economy in the post-crisis setting in creating new international organizations, a significant part of the institutional adjustment ... ... across regions to pandemics. One possible format may involve the EU (covering France and, only to a degree, the UK), BRICS (Russia, China) and the North American USMCA alliance. This framework effectively involves most of the G20 countries into discussions ...


A “Synchronized Downturn” Calls for a “Synchronized Response”

... putting the 2019 growth estimate at the lowest level since the 2008-2009 financial crisis This year’s Annual meetings of the IMF and the World Bank in Washington DC revealed a growing preoccupation with the mounting signs of a slowdown in the world economy. The IMF’s diagnosis was that of a “synchronized slowdown” across the globe with the Fund revising its growth projection for global economic growth downwards and putting the 2019 growth estimate at the lowest level since the 2008-2009 financial ...


Remarks at the 12th Eurasian Economic Forum

... different Eurasian projects, including the Chinese “Belt and Road” initiative. I would state with no false modesty that Russia has a unique role of a key nexus in setting up such an inclusive connectivity. It is due to a major extent, of course, ... ... far as Russia-EU and, relevantly, EAEU-EU interaction is concerned, the following is clear. For 30 years our country and the European Union have remained key economic partners, but the recovery growth factor in mutual trade recorded over the past couple ...


Is a New Economic Crisis Coming?

The current relatively tranquil and favorable state of the global economy will most likely worsen considerably in the next 18 months to two years As ... ... country that has experienced a number of harsh economic shocks throughout its history, Russia constantly lives in anticipation of a new crisis. Recently, however, economists... ... Order Dynamics The three main global economic powerhouses – the United States, the European Union and China – are all currently facing serious (albeit different) problems...


Can Russia Plug Through US Sanctions to Reconstruct Syria?

Russia should not necessarily wait for the Europeans to join its rebuilding efforts ... ... under Assad Jr. Syria embarked on the capitalist path, the progress toward the reformed economy was uneven. Many things were also backsliding under the influence from outside... ... Syrian reconstruction mainly in terms of rebuilding the damaged physical infrastructure, European Union states link the reconstruction efforts to political transition. Meanwhile...


Russia has to reinvent its economic model

Andrey Kortunov, Director General of the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC), thinks that greater ... ... (ISIS). The popular perception however, in Europe as well as in the USA, looked more positive. Does it mean there’s room for ... ... like the one that they had during the Second World War. 3) The European Union (EU) has enforced economic sanctions against Russia ... ... The sanctions did have a serious negative impact on the Russian economy. However, they failed to change the Russian position in ...


Armenian Experts’ Debate: “Membership in the EEU in Exchange for Security”

... blockade from Europe’s last closed border, which is also the customs border of the European Union, as well as the exclusion of the country from regional energy and communication... ... the EEU has already produced a major impact. The main reason is Armenia’s refusal to sign the negotiated Association Agreement with the EU — which came as... ... risks. How do you think the economic crises in other EEU member states will affect the economy of your country? Kazakhstan’s priority in the bloc is economics, Russia focuses on geopolitics, Belarus sees it as a new chance to obtain economic dividends...


Western financiers welcomed dirty money but now it must be stopped

... per cent of the country’s GDP). Fleeing the country, Yanukovych and members of his inner circle allegedly transferred abroad – some in bank wires but most of it in cash – about $35bn. Today, this money, some of which was paid into Russia, is used to fund separatists in Donetsk, Luhansk and Kharkiv. These just happen to be places where the majority of police officers and civil servants “bought” their positions from Yanukovych’s relatives and friends under Ukraine’s ...


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