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When Persisting Delusions Vanish

... therefore it cannot be maintained. The West could choose from two possible options. Either the Atlantic partners take into account Russian legitimate interests and all together fight against common security threats, as it was enshrined in many joint documents,... ... others. In that way, the future of Ukraine and its place in European structures is only one element of a more general issue of Euro-Atlantic security, albeit a very important one. Washington and its allies have proven reluctant to such an open and fundamental ...


The Road Leading Nowhere

... Moscow. It seems to be obvious that the only way an international organization can be effective is if this is indeed what all the parties want—in deeds rather than in words. If NATO has for whatever reason decided that it no longer needs the NATO–Russia Council, NATO should then be responsible for dismantling it. However short-sighted and dangerous such a step on the part of NATO could be, this does not erase from the agenda the question of what the Euro-Atlantic security architecture would look like in the future. New challenges and threats continue to undermine the entire system of international security. Therefore, the feat of building a full-fledged and equal dialogue between Moscow and the West ...


Advancing Strategic Stability in the Euro-Atlantic Region, 2021 and Beyond

... Russia and the West, and this tension threatens security and stability in the Euro-Atlantic region more broadly. A political resolution remains fundamental to ending the armed conflict in the Donbas region, to improving prospects for constructive Ukraine-Russia dialogue more broadly including on Crimea, and to improving Euro-Atlantic security. Governments have a shared responsibility to work together to mitigate the risks. In the mid-1980s when relations between Euro-Atlantic nations had reached their nadir, leaders played a key role in providing an accepted framework ...


12 Essential Steps in a Conceptual Dead End

Russia and Europe continue to call on each other to fix problems that only exist because they need to serve their national interests People on the ground are often far better at getting to the heart of the matter than theoreticians who spend their whole ...


Support for Cooperation among Governments to Address Cyber Threats to Nuclear Weapons Systems

Statement by the Euro-Atlantic Security Leadership Group (EASLG) Statement by the Euro-Atlantic Security Leadership Group (EASLG) We have crossed over to a new nuclear era in which cyber capabilities transform ... ... Nunn, and their respective organizations—the European Leadership Network ( ELN ), the Munich Security Conference ( MSC ), the Russian International Affairs Council ( RIAC ), and the Nuclear Threat Initiative ( NTI )—have been working with former and ...


Support for Crisis Management Dialogue and Strategic Stability in the Euro-Atlantic Region

Statement by the Euro-Atlantic Security Leadership Group (EASLG) Statement by the Euro-Atlantic Security Leadership Group (EASLG) Today, the United States, NATO, and Russia continue to severely curtail dialogue on crisis management in the Euro-Atlantic region, depriving ourselves of an essential tool to prevent an incident from turning into unimaginable catastrophe. The lack of effective and reliable crisis management ...


Towards a More Stable NATO — Russia Relationship

Based on discussions with experts, officials and military figures in Moscow, European capitals and NATO Headquarters, this report identifies practical steps to stabilise the Russia-NATO confrontation The NATO-Russia confrontation is likely to last for years. It is therefore in the interests of both parties to make relations more stable and less costly. Such efforts should not be seen as a reward but as a sensible precaution....


Riga Dialogue Recommendations

... the rifts and increase the mistrust between Russia and the West. Accordingly, it is important to engage on an international code of conduct on aspects of these information wars, particularly cybersecurity. «Riga Dialogue 2018. The New Normal in the Euro-Atlantic Security Order» Report Presented in Riga. Video — Russia could demonstrate constructive regional engagement with its neighbors in the Baltic Sea region during the Latvian presidency at the Council of Baltic Sea States (2018–2019). — The centenary of Baltic statehood provides an opportunity for Russia ...


RIAC and CSIS Seminar on Russia-the US Relations

... of the joint project between Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) and the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). On October 2–4, 2018, Washington DC hosted a regular seminar in the framework of the joint project between Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) and the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). The seminar focused on the approaches of Moscow and Washington to the situation in Ukraine and Syria, and Euro-Atlantic security issues. Andrey Kortunov, RIAC Director General; Ivan Timofeev, Director of Programs, Associate Professor at MGIMO-University; Andreiy Zagorski, Head of the Department of Disarmament and Conflict Resolution of the Centre for International ...


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