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Russian and Chinese Economies Complement Each Other Perfectly

... cooperation. It is now time to implement these intentions, but at least the fact that both presidents are committed to a profound and concrete partnership is obvious to the whole world. The mutual statement covered the main spheres for further interaction. Energy cooperation will obviously expand. The leaders have discussed it many times, and the projects have already been launched. The Power of Siberia 2 and the new Soyuz-Vostok gas pipeline will increase trade in gas as well as agreements between Rosneft ...


Much to Expect from Chinese President's State Visit to Russia

... reasons. Creating a roadmap for joining forces in this area as well as strengthening economic cooperation amidst anti-Russian sanctions are likely to be central during the summit. Finally, there is some intrigue about the depth of cooperation in the energy sector and whether any new agreements about natural gas exports are going to be achieved during Xi's visit. Agreements, regarding the construction of the Power of Siberia-1 gas pipeline and the increasing involvement of Chinese financial institutions ...


Developing Russia-India Economic Ties Under New Circumstances

... many years, Russian-Indian trade failed to match the in-depth specially privileged strategic partnership and political ties between the two nations1. Today, trade is growing at an outstripping pace as Russia rapidly increases its deliveries of Russian energy sources, fertilizers, iron, steel, timber products, plant and animal oils to India. Given the increase in Russian exports, Moscow and New Delhi now face the task of reducing India’s growing trade deficit, by searching for new trade and by rebalancing ...


Russia — India Energy Cooperation: RIAC and MCCI Roundtable

On September 30, 2022 the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) together with the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry held a roundtable Russia – India Energy Cooperation under New Geopolitical Conditions. The event was closed from the public On September 30, 2022 the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) together with the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry held a roundtable Russia – ...


Logistics as a Factor in Russia’s “East Policy”

“Freight pivot to the East,” or when the Far East finally stops being a “far” away region New trends in the logistics component of Russia’s economy were among the principal discussions of the 7th Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) held on September 5–8, 2022 in Vladivostok. Even Vladimir Putin dwelled specifically on this matter in his plenary address when he said, “Notably, despite the attempts of external pressure, the total cargo of Russian seaports has decreased only slightly over the seven months...


New Reality: Kazakhstan Searching for Its Place in The Global Economy

... diversify exports to an extent possible, as well as to secure sustained imports of food and key consumer goods. Let’s take a closer look at Kazakhstan’s exports. Minerals, primarily crude oil, form the basis of exports. According to the Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan, oil exports from the Republic in 2021 amounted to 67.6 million tons. Almost 80% of Kazakhstan’s oil is exported through the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC). The consortium connects Kazakhstan’s fields with the port in Novorossiysk,...


Russian Oil and NPPs Re-Commissioned: Japan’s Revised Energy Strategy

Essentially, Japan’s government looks like it obediently complies with the decisions made by its allies in the West, but it is at the same time solving strictly practical tasks without jeopardizing its own energy security On August 10, 2022, Japan’s cabinet, in office since October 2021, resigned in a body following a drop in its approval ratings from 59% to 46%, which resulted in major reshuffles in the Japanese government . This step largely stemmed ...


Russia and the EU’s messy energy divorce places both sides in a race against time

... contractual obligations. The fact that the players concerned haven’t stated it officially is a political game, in which each team is trying not to lose too much (yes, some games don’t have a winner at all). Another objective is to postpone a decisive energy battle, which is not inevitable, but very likely. For over 50 years, energy partnership has served as a strategic foundation for relations between Moscow and Brussels. This partnership has been extremely beneficial for both sides. The EU received ...


Russia and Turkey: State and Prospects of Energy Cooperation

Working Paper No. 63 Working Paper No. 63 Cooperation in the energy sector is one of the most important facets of Russian foreign policy. Interaction in this area helps to develop mutually beneficial trade relations and ensure the energy security of Russia and its partners. Energy cooperation between Russia and ...


China’s Energy Crisis

To remove local administrative barriers for power interchanges and to switch the energy sector to a flexible market pricing system would be wise for the energy systems to see better adaptability In September–October 2021, more than 20 of China’s provinces, autonomous regions and direct-administered municipalities (hereinafter ...


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