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On the Energy Security Concept

We have no need in a VIP limousine equipped with a motorcycle engine Our world is immersed in a huge ocean of energy, we fly in infinite space with an incomprehensible speed. Everything rotates, moves, everything is energy (N. Tesla) Defining the concept of energy security In the countries whose economy is largely dependent on exploration of the principal fossil ...


RIAC — CREON Group Seminar “Prospects for Cooperation between Russia and the EU in the Ecology Sphere”

... the EU in the ecology sphere”. Cooperation between Russia and the European Union in ecology and sustainable development field is one of the promising areas of bilateral relations. For Russia and Russian companies, this opens up prospects in the EU energy market and access to technologies for waste processing and production of renewable energy sources. For the European Union and companies from the EU countries, this is an opportunity to import products that meet its environmental standards. However,...


Russia-Europe: Nothing New on the Western Economic Front?

... the UK) now account for 37% of Russia’s trade turnover (42.5% in 2019, over 50% in 2013), while China accounts for 20% (18% in 2019, about 11% in 2013). The commodity composition has not changed much since 2014: in exchange for primary and secondary energy sources, Russia receives machinery and equipment. The restrictive measures did have a negative impact on mutual trade but it was rather limited. Actors from other states, particularly from Southeast Asia, are successfully moving into the sanctions-affected ...


After the Storm: Post-Pandemic Trends in the Southern Mediterranean

RIAC and ISPI Joint Report RIAC and ISPI Joint Report This Report brings together experts and scholars in an effort to ponder on possible post-pandemic trends in the Southern Mediterranean. The aim is to help readers navigate the future of the Southern Mediterranean region, by offering new insights and guidance to regional and non-regional governments, civil society, and the public at large. After the Storm: Post-Pandemic Trends in the Southern Mediterranean , 1.2 Mb


RIAC and Gateway House Discussed Russia — India Relations in the Energy Sphere

On July 10, 2020, the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) in cooperation with Gateway House held an online round-table discussion “Situation on the Global Energy Market and Prospects for Russia — India Cooperation”. On July 10, 2020, the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) in cooperation with Gateway House held an online round-table discussion “Situation on the Global Energy Market and ...


Will China’s 14th Five-Year Plan Be Able to Deliver on Its Objectives?

... rates. The newly issued guideline (2019) provides a “fairer” environment for individual companies by further opening up the markets. It even allows the companies to enter some of the above-mentioned critical sectors, including electricity, railway, energy, internal oil, and gas fields development and infrastructure transportation projects (Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, 2019). We can expect the sector to follow this tendency and stick to the market mechanisms with some minor ...


A Russia-EU-Africa Energy Strategy. Nuclear and Renewable Energy Security

Policy Brief #26 / 2020 Policy Brief #26 / 2020 Africa is an ideal market for energy production. With a booming population, developing economies, a crucial need for energy security and international commitment to sustainability and green economies, this continent has all the characteristics of an attractive market for nuclear and ...


Russia might well consider its participation in EU defence policy projects within the framework of PESCO

... structurally complementary. And it is not that we have nothing better to do than build pipelines that – despite resistance from some EU countries – bring gas to Europe. Russia makes a lot of money out of it. The main thing is that we strengthen Europe’s energy security. Another example: despite EU’s unilateral measures against Russia, we have long-established cross-border cooperation, especially in the North-West of Russia – with Finland, Sweden, Poland and the Baltic countries. This is even financially ...


Good News From the Parallel Energy Sector

... and currency exchange rates in most countries. That said, even more surprising is the contrast of all of this with the rather differentiating reflections upon the current trends by those, with whom I communicate in my parallel life. On the one hand, energy gurus, of course, actively participated in the survey after the events in Vienna (by the way, nobody pushed the non-Russian experts to talk his way, but they’ve made a couple of revealing comments regarding the true role played by the Saudis)....


Russia’s Energy Strategy to 2035

Russia’s Energy Strategy to 2035 (ES-2035) enters, finally, the home stretch. The Ministry of Energy submitted its version of the document to the Russian Government in early October 2019. Once approved (this is expected before year’s end), ES-2035 will become ...


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