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Brazil: Political Crisis and Hunger for Change?

... dollars are still frozen in Swiss banks pending the completion of the audit of Petrobras and its contractors. Economic background of corruption scandals REUTERS/Nacho Doce/Pixstream Eric Ehrmann: Protests Test Resilience of Brazil's Democracy The start of Dilma Rousseff’s second mandate has coincided with a deterioration in the economic situation characterized as stagflation. According to official data, in 2014 the economy grew by only 0.1 percent and preliminary estimates forecast a shrinking of GDP in 2015 by 1.3 percent. The expected inflation will exceed initial forecasts and its annualized rate will reach 8.23 percent (the highest rate since 2003). The exchange ...


Protests Test Resilience of Brazil's Democracy

... Iwanowski: Brazil: Hard-won Victory and Challenges for Dilma Rousseff In response to international financial markets, president Dilma Rousseff appointed Joaquim Levy, a neoliberal economist who got his education in the U.S., as finance minister. He previously ... ... They have a potential to spark spontaneous riots like the social explosions of 2013. Government sources now indicate that the economy is about to contract this year by around a negative 1.1 percent, signaling recession. Economic reform is likely to continue ...


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