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Women and International Relations: Evolution of a Concealed Binomial

... field of international security and there are new and expanding opportunities for women’s participation globally especially at senior levels of policymaking. In this regard, at present, some outstanding examples, among others, are represented by the Russian Head of the Central Bank, the German Minister of Foreign Affair, the American Vice President, the President of the European Commission, the French Minister of the Armed Forces, that are all women. The IPUS’s latest Woman in Parliament in 2021report reported that global proportion of women parliamentarians has increased by 0.6 percentage points to reach 26.1%. However,...


Europe and the Atomic Bomb

... domestic and foreign policy failures. However, we also cannot rule out that the further degradation of France will force its elite to really place its most important security-related tasks in the hands of a senior partner in the economic management of Europe. And, finally, Russia will play a certain role in realising the prospects of the German atomic bomb. At the moment, Moscow’s actions are being cited as a justification for Germany’s return to militarism. However, one cannot completely dismiss the possibility that ...


Threading the Needle: Turkey’s East-West Balancing Act

... apart from Russia and/or the West: Syria, arms sales, the South Caucasus, and Ukraine. This balance is of the utmost importance for Turkey, both to establish itself as a major independent regional player and to maintain its essential trade ties with Russia, the EU, and the U.S. The ongoing confrontation in Ukraine is perhaps the biggest test of this balance yet, but Turkey seems to have the capacity to maintain it so far. First, it must be understood that Turkey’s balance has a certain uniqueness in that despite ...


Algeria: Europe’s New Energy Supplier and Russia’s Long-Time Arms Buyer

... well as energy partnership agreements for the development of hydrogen and nuclear power facilities in Algeria – a continual point of discussion in negotiations between Moscow and Algiers throughout the last two decades. As the probability that the EU and Russia will renew energy agreements decreases over the issue of Ukraine, Algeria can emerge the victor. Garnering state revenues from the sale of LNG and oil to Europe and reinvesting such revenues into its economy, infrastructure, or military apparatus....


We are at war with the West. The European security order is illegitimate

... because the Americans have their own interests». The EU seems to be moving towards cutting dependence from Russian energy – first coal, then oil and finally natural gas. Did you expect that? «I hope you are not suicidal. Of course that would damage Russia, too, but Europe would undermine its economy and its social situation. I hope it will not happen, because you can calculate your own interests. If you don’t want our coal, we will sell it somewhere else. If you don’t want our oil, after a time and some losses,...


War of European Integration

Moscow has destroyed the possibility of completing the construction of an order in Europe, in which its leading powers would occupy a central place The EU-Russia relations have returned to hostility and, accordingly, all ties that are not really of fundamental importance for the EU countries are being curtailed. However, so far this is only a reaction to the fact that Russia’s behaviour may deprive a ...


Russia cannot afford to lose, so we need a kind of a victory

... a great loser will be Europe; the United States will lose somewhat, but still it could very well survive as a huge island over the ocean; and the big victor is China. BM You have argued that in the future there could be some kind of alliance between Russia and Europe – or at least some European countries, if not others. Surely now you must think there is no possibility for Europe and Russia to come closer together. SK If we could have solved the crisis peacefully there’s no question that parts of Europe ...


The CSTO and EAEU in a New Era: From Abstraction to Practice

... will have to re-evaluate their cooperation and integration achievements already in terms of how they help or hinder the operation of the common market in the face of economic warfare from the West and the potentially growing importance of China for the Russian economy and, in its wake, other economies of the Eurasian space. The EAEU countries are not striving to make their association a conductor for a new one-sided dependence, in any case, for them it will be a rational policy to increase autonomy in the world economy. At the same time, a number of issues ...


Politics at the time of the evaporation of the function of the Name of the Father

... Benedictus XVI for his “inaction in sexual abuse cases”, show the demolition of politics as worthy of issuing ideals, of representing an authority, of guiding and ruling, leaving the individual without a guide, without that Father who, as argued by Freud and Lacan, must be killed in order for the individual to become a subject. On the other hand, there is Russia which, although belonging to the Western, Greek-Roman-Christian civilization, tries to decline the function of the Name of the Father in a different way: Putin defends the function of political power as authority, while in the West authority is ...


Dragon Out in the Cold: A Creeping Securitization of Sino-Danish Scientific Exchanges

... countries, investments from the EU nations are unsurprisingly perceived—in all the countries except for Iceland—with greater enthusiasm than similar economic overtures from Russia and China, although there is a slightly more negative attitude towards Russian investments than towards those from China.Source: Reuters Still, the survey suggests that the disapproval of Chinese investment is particularly high in sectors such as natural resources and infrastructure (43% and 33% respectively) as compared to retail, technology and telecommunications, manufacturing ...


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