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Politics as Continuation of War by Other Means?

... priorities, is beginning to penetrate the fabric of global politics with ever greater intensity. Clausewitz’s formula is beginning to work in reverse, with politics being the continuation of war by other means. This victory of war over politics and diplomacy cannot but cause concern about the direction in which the modern world is going. On the surface, we can see that the role of the military in formulating and implementing foreign policy is growing throughout the world. Look at the key figures ...


U.S.-Russia Relations: The Price of Cold War

... differentiated response to each part. In dealing with Russia, the priority should be to cut short any further Russian attempt to de-legitimize an election by hijacking voter registration lists and electronic poll books. This only has a chance if done through diplomacy, treating it as a question of national security—which it is—striving to agree on red lines, and ensuring that adequate verification measures are in place. Russia’s cyber effort to imperil critical U.S. infrastructure by manipulating the ...


Saber-Rattling as the Main Threat for Russia and the U.S., and How to Deal with It

... mutual confrontation. After all, politicians are not used to thinking 50-100 years ahead, but it is the expansion of a planning horizon that might help to restore the lost trust between the countries. Today, one should remember about the key principle of diplomacy no matter how idealistically it may sound: Russia and the West have to relearn to disagree and at the same time continue and deepen their collaboration on resolving the global challenges. To reach this goal, they need to foster professional ...


Russia — West Crisis: Small Steps Are Not Enough

... crises like thus happened before? How can Russia avoid becoming the “greatest threat” in a universal sense? And how can we emerge from this difficult period in the relations between Russia and the West? Alexander Panov, RIAC member and Head of the Diplomacy Department at MGIMO talks about current problems and prospects for their resolution. A diplomatic crisis with attempts to isolate a country: has anything like this ever happened before and what was the outcome? Andrey Kortunov: Four Simple ...


RIAC Urban Breakfast on Facebook Wars and Twitter Protocol: What is Today’s Digital Diplomacy?

On April 12, 2018, Dostoevsky Library hosted a RIAC Urban Breakfast on «Facebook Wars and Twitter Protocol: What is Today’s Digital Diplomacy?» The speakers included Oleg Shakirov, expert at the Center for Strategic Research and RIAC; Anton Gumensky, media researcher, lecturer at the faculties of journalism at MSU and MGIMO, RIAC expert; and Alexander Kramarenko, RIAC Director for ...


Four Simple Questions About Expulsions of Russian Diplomats

What, if this is a false flag? Andrey Kortunov: Return of the Dungeons of the Seven Towers The atrocious crime committed in Salisbury led to a massive avalanche of diplomatic expulsions unprecedented in the contemporary history of international relations. The UK leadership can now claim a major foreign policy victory — the display of solidarity with London was more than impressive. Short of becoming truly global, it mobilized most of NATO and EU members with the United States alone, expelling...


Return of the Dungeons of the Seven Towers

The Cold War demonstrated that expulsions of diplomats produce no positive results whatsoever For several centuries, the Ottoman Empire had a fairly peculiar custom. Each time the Sublime Porte had a falling out with another country, and war became imminent, the hostile state’s envoy would be thrown into the Ambassador’s Tower of Yedikule Fortress, or the Dungeons of the Seven Towers, which had the sinister reputation of being Istanbul’s Bastille. The envoy would be kept in the tower for months...


Russian Diplomacy in Emigration

... of the Soviet Union by most foreign countries, continued to work under the direction of the Council of Ambassadors in the framework of special organizations representing the interests of Russian emigrants. Project page:


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