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The Neo-Compellence: Is the Diplomacy of Violence a new Reality for International Relations?

... era, including high precision weapons (which can lead to a higher application level of this type of strategy), but the basic approach has changed. What we have followed with apprehension in those days is the putting into practice of the contemporary diplomacy of violence [xxviii] exposed by the theorists of compellence. Those who had thought that a world challenge through proxy wars and the use of non-military means of war could have lasted forever did not realistically consider the instinct of ...


Russia Is Winning, but Here’s the Catch

... Middle East (as well as the autocrats in other parts of the world). Another of Europe’s special features is its defense network of multilateral organizations and regimes. Interaction with Europe’s multilateral structures remains a problem for Russian diplomacy. The Middle East, meanwhile, has nothing that even remotely resembles NATO, the European Union, or even the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, and it’s doubtful that anything like these groups will emerge in the region in ...


Statement and answers to questions at the Primakov Readings International Forum

... create such a sphere of regional dialogue? Sergey Lavrov: These questions concern Iran. Therefore, I will answer both of them at once. Regarding the JCPOA, I said in my opening remarks that this plan is a remarkable achievement when it comes to global diplomacy. It has not only helped us ease tension around a particular country, but it has also seriously strengthened the non-proliferation regime. This is a crucial part of that agreement. You are aware of our reaction to the unilateral US withdrawal ...


Will Putin and Macron Open a New Political Season?

Putin and Macron need each other, probably more so than they did two years ago On August 19, President of France Emmanuel Macron hosted President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin at Fort de Brégançon in the commune of Bormes-les-Mimosas in the Var department on the French Riviera. Given the vagaries of the weather this summer in France, the Mediterranean coast seemed a more suitable location for a meeting than the currently scorching-hot Paris. Formally, Macron is on vacation right now...


Middle East: Everyone for Himself

... think about it because their homes no longer exist and it is dangerous to go there. For this reason I consider the role of this coalition to be extremely negative. Let me repeat, this is not a coalition but the US and some of its closest allies. Our diplomacy is very effective, especially in the Middle East. There is not a single country in the region with which Russia has tensions or bad relations or no ties at all. During Soviet times we had no relations with the Saudis and had very complicated ...


Politics as Continuation of War by Other Means?

... priorities, is beginning to penetrate the fabric of global politics with ever greater intensity. Clausewitz’s formula is beginning to work in reverse, with politics being the continuation of war by other means. This victory of war over politics and diplomacy cannot but cause concern about the direction in which the modern world is going. On the surface, we can see that the role of the military in formulating and implementing foreign policy is growing throughout the world. Look at the key figures ...


U.S.-Russia Relations: The Price of Cold War

... differentiated response to each part. In dealing with Russia, the priority should be to cut short any further Russian attempt to de-legitimize an election by hijacking voter registration lists and electronic poll books. This only has a chance if done through diplomacy, treating it as a question of national security—which it is—striving to agree on red lines, and ensuring that adequate verification measures are in place. Russia’s cyber effort to imperil critical U.S. infrastructure by manipulating the ...


Saber-Rattling as the Main Threat for Russia and the U.S., and How to Deal with It

... mutual confrontation. After all, politicians are not used to thinking 50-100 years ahead, but it is the expansion of a planning horizon that might help to restore the lost trust between the countries. Today, one should remember about the key principle of diplomacy no matter how idealistically it may sound: Russia and the West have to relearn to disagree and at the same time continue and deepen their collaboration on resolving the global challenges. To reach this goal, they need to foster professional ...


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