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Russia and Europe: the Current Impasse and the Way Out

... rise to hopes in Europe of a democratic and pro-European evolution of this new nation, positioned between Russia and the EU/NATO territory. At the same time, it evokes fears in the West of a Russian-led or -supported crackdown on protesters. Seen from ... ... foreign policy chief Josep Borrell undertook his trip with the specific purpose of gaining first-hand experience with Moscow diplomacy ahead of the EU’s Russia policy review set for March 2021. The current policy, which is based on the five principles ...


Middle East: Everyone for Himself

... in which one of these countries would accept a role as second in command. For this reason, US plans to establish some form of NATO in the Middle East are doomed to failure. Eventually I don’t see any streamlined collective security system in the Middle ... ... this coalition to be extremely negative. Let me repeat, this is not a coalition but the US and some of its closest allies. Our diplomacy is very effective, especially in the Middle East. There is not a single country in the region with which Russia has ...


U.S.-Russia Relations: The Price of Cold War

... War containment strategy. The second set of assumptions would suggest an approach less monochromatic, more in tune with the NATO alliance’s 1967 Harmel Report that, in dealing with an equally challenging Soviet Union, urged a dual-track policy of “deterrence ... ... de-legitimize an election by hijacking voter registration lists and electronic poll books. This only has a chance if done through diplomacy, treating it as a question of national security—which it is—striving to agree on red lines, and ensuring that adequate ...


Saber-Rattling as the Main Threat for Russia and the U.S., and How to Deal with It

... maintain a dialogue among experts. Fortunately, there are some examples both in Russia and the West: several times per year the NATO Information Office in Moscow organizes professional trips for Russian academics, researchers and journalists to the NATO headquarters in Brussels and Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) in Mons, Belgium. From the Russian side, the Center for the Support and Development of Public Initiatives Creative Diplomacy ( PICREADI ) promotes public diplomacy: for the second time it conducts the international forum Meeting Russia in Moscow, which brings together experts, researchers and journalists from Western countries. This creates the environment of trust....


The (First) Russo-American Cyberwar: How Obama Lost & Putin Won, Ensuring a Trump Victory

... understood his adversary, and unsurprisingly, Putin was emboldened on all these fronts. Even during Kerry’s fastidious diplomacy, on September 19th Russia deliberately bombed a well-known UN aid convoy heading for an Aleppo, Syria, civilian population ... ... its efforts were clearly crucial in swaying votes in what was an intensely close decision; Russia has also been active in non-NATO Sweden this year, particularly when it was voting on closer ties with NATO; Finland, which shares a huge border with Russia,...


International Conference «Hypocrisy vs Democracy: Insincerity Destroying the Global Order after the Cold War»

... Global Order after the Cold War». About forty experts, journalists and diplomats from Russia, the USA, Bulgaria, Greece, the UK, and Turkey took part in the conference. The participants discussed the Western and Russian approach to the history of NATO expansion, the promotion of democracy as a geopolitical tool, «Color Revolutions» and «Arab Spring», Ukrainian crisis narrative clash, diplomacy and public policy interaction, the role of hacking in discovering secret agendas, and hypocrisy issues in the world politics in terms of Donald Trump’s accession to power in the USA. The speakers included: Alexander Aksenyonok, Ambassador ...


EXCLUSIVE: Top Trump Aides’ Deeper & Linked Roles in Putin Agenda Revealed; Russian Mafia Nexus With Trump & Aides Goes Back Years

New threads in the Team Trump/Team Putin tangled web show Manafort and Page linked to each other as part of a Russian plot to control Ukraine and also show a mutual Russian mafia godfather linking them with each other and Trump, providing even deeper and more fertile ground on which to question Trump’s pro-Russia, Pro-Putin positions and their origins. Author's note: this is the most important article I have ever written in my life; please share with as many people as possible as soon...


Western Democracy Is on Trial, More than Any Time Since WWII

Sudden, shocking, disturbing, and largely self-propelled trends in America and Europe are doing more damage to Western democracy today than Soviet armies or nuclear missiles ever did during the Cold War By Brian E. Frydenborg (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter @bfry1981), originally published March 17th, 2016, on LinkedIn Pulse Clockwise: Photo/Agencies, Cheryl Evans/The Republic, AP AMMAN — Roughly a quarter-century ago, the world seemed poised for a triumph of democracy and human rights unprecedented...


The Russian Case 50 Years After the Cuban Crisis

... goes on. But back to Ukraine, in an age when spy satellites are capable of reading a car plate there is no justification for NATO not having shown a single photo of even just one Russian military vehicle on Ukrainian territory. Instead the only alleged ... ... for the work of Mr. Higgins, but I wouldn't risk a nuclear escalation on a selfie. Therefore, if it is true that in diplomacy truth is certainly an elastic concept, when it comes to justify military action the West has a proven track record of ...


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