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How COVID-19 Overreaction Cast a Disturbing Communist Shadow Over Liberal Democracies Across the World

Coming from Poland equipped me with good understanding of communism, not only at the educational level, but also in personal capacity, as both parts of my diverse family have first-hand experience when it comes to the errors and horrors of communism. Born to a Polish mother, whose family was subject to communist oppression and stigamitzation due to the non-proletarian status held within the society, and Tanzanian father, who was told in his former homeland, by my later mentor Lord Howe, how Africans...


What Is Democracy and How It Can Be Measured?

A review of “Global Quality of Democracy as Innovation Enabler: Measuring Democracy for Success” by David Campbell Introduction and scientific contexts Political science with a measuring tape In recent decades, one has witnessed the rise of a relatively new stream of social research ...


Is Socialism the Bright Future Awaiting America?

Politics in the US is becoming increasingly polarized, leaving millennials no other choice The sudden rise of far left members of the US House of Representatives has become one of the highlights of this political season in Washington. A particular object of attention has been the “Squad” formed by charismatic Democratic congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York), Ilhan Omar (Minnesota), Ayanna Pressley (Massachusetts), and Rashida Tlaib (Michigan). All four are capable, ambitious minority...


Is “Democracy” Only Way India Should Look For?

Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Damodar Das Modi before entering the Indian Parliament for first time on First Day of First Session of 17th Lok Sabha(Lower House) of His Newly Elected Government. I am not going to define the word Democracy as many dictionaries around the world has defined, redefined and prefabricated it as per their need. A phenomenon which originated in Greece,re defined by USA,Britain and France in 20th Centuray has been adopted in a liberal socialist form by ...


A Few Words in Defence of Francis Fukuyama

... Interest , it appears romantic, combative and naïve, but does Mikhail Gorbachev’s “new thinking” rhetoric of the same time look any less romantic and naïve? And which one of us was not a naïve romantic in 1989? Viewing western-type liberal democracy as the final stage of humanity’s development and as the universally optimal socio-political form, Fukuyama arrives at the conclusion that for states with a “stable democracy,” history in its traditional interpretation – with its conflicts ...


Mueller never heard our side

Russian Senator Konstantin Kosachev tells Christiane Amanpour why he thinks the Mueller investigation was biased and "not a fair approach." Russian Senator Konstantin Kosachev tells Christiane Amanpour why he thinks the Mueller investigation was biased and "not a fair approach Source: CNN


Who is Mr. Putin?

To slice through the ice sharp argumentation of the information campaign against Mr. Putin, is to reach for a ray of light. The truth, veritas, in its uncompromising way is the most important asset today. The role of President Putin and the elected government of the Russian democratic state is paramount for the world.Source: news.webalta.ruPresident Putin arises as a mediator between how the “international community” wants Russia to be and to behave, and the will of the Russian society. While Russia...


Trade Uncertainty: Possible Consequences of the Trade Wars for Russia and the World

Protectionism – the New Norm of International Trade A side effect of any trade war is protectionism, which is particularly pronounced during a period of structural transformation or the transition to a new stage of development in economic competition. And we are not just talking about economic transformations here, but also social transformations – imbalances in the economy lead to social disruptions and failures on the labour market, and the national or supranational government must respond to...


New Mobilization?

... background of an unprecedented campaign launched by the United States in late 2016 regarding “Russian interference” in the U.S. elections. There are regular calls in Congress for Russia to be punished, through sanctions, for undermining American democracy. Russia is being blamed for nothing more and nothing less than threatening American statehood. The theory about Russia interfering in the U.S. elections should not be downplayed or dismissed out of hand. Moscow simply cannot understand why ...


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