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Is There Any Hope for Montenegro’s New Government?

A new government may finally put an end to the endemic corruption in the country; however, the former governments influence in the parliamentary structure and the new governments shaky footing may cause problems Like for many countries in the Western Balkans, the last few years have been a rollercoaster ...


How to Stop Corruption: It Should Be Easier to Register than to Bribe

... system immediately came under the jurisdiction of the Department of Economic Policy and Development of Moscow. Despite the fact that there is federal legislation that is uniform for all regions, there are some regional differences. Some regions have high corruption component: intermediaries seriously impede legalization in the Far East. It is easier in Kaluga or Belgorod regions, because their authorities understand the need for the migrant workers, since there are many factories in the region. Regions ...


Second Seminar within Russian-British RIAC and RUSI Project on Security Issues

... discussed. The British side was represented by RUSI leadership and experts, independent experts from the National Crime Agency, representatives from The Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime, and specialists in financial crime and corruption (Dunchurch Compliance Solutions). The Russian side was represented by RIAC experts, researchers from academic institutions and universities. The third seminar of the third cycle of the project will be held in London in early 2019 and will be ...


How Trump is Changing Iran from the Inside

... end-of-year 2017. Having said this, it is true that President Trump’s policy has contributed to the current economic difficulties of Iran, but it is by no means the cause of the problems. On the whole, Iran’s problems have been cultivated at home – corruption, excessive state involvement in the economy, poor management, absence of a suitable legislative system, and lack of economic transparency. A more favourable investment climate in the country would surely attract small- and medium-sized companies ...


Peru: Searching for a Development Model

... "21st century socialism" and friendly to Chávez and Fidel Castro.His victory in the presidential race in 2011 over Keiko Fujimori - the daughter of former President Alberto Fujimori (1990–2000), who was serving a 25-year prison sentence for corruption and violations of human rights - formally marked the continued expansion of left-wing ideology in the region. Despite this, under Humala’s presidency, Peru was practically never mentioned as a participant in the Latin American "left ...


Colombia court fines Brazil's Odebrecht $250 million for corruption

UPDATE 19 DEC  According to Buenos Aires News and other sources, Colombia's justice system has fined Brazil construction and engineering giant Odebrecht $250 million, having found the firm guilty of corruption to secure contracts. The company is also banned from tendering for state contracts in Colombia for ten years. According to the Buenos Aires News coverage, Odebrecht is suspected of paying out around $750 million to win government and near-government ...


Moldova: As Pavel Filip Forms Cabinet, the Opposition Unites in Protest

... position of the formed cabinet of ministers, which has already promised to lower energy prices and resume negotiations with the IMF. On the other hand, following the pattern of the Ukrainian revolution, the opposition insists on prioritizing elimination of corruption and oligarchy, personified by Vlad Plahotniuc, whose fault for the banking system ruin has not so far been susceptible of proof, and the one for assuming complete control over the judicial system appears to be somewhat more substantiated. Demanding ...


Brazil's Scandal Woes Widen

... Brazil's reputation Over the past few days media everywhere have been buzzing up reports that the often reticent Swiss justice ministry is investigating Odebrecht, Brazil's most prestigious and influential parastatal company, in connection with a massive corruption and money laundering scandal involving Brazil's state controlled oil giant Petrobras, known as Lava Jato (Car Wash). A spokesperson for the Swiss justice ministry told media that Switzerland, as a financial center, has been seriously affected ...


Brazil: Political Crisis and Hunger for Change?

In April 2015 Dilma Rousseff marked the first 100 days of her second term as President of Brazil. This date, which is traditionally regarded as quite significant for Heads of State, took place amidst escalating corruption scandals, mass protests by civil society, a deteriorating economic situation and worsening disagreements within the ruling coalition. The growing instability is giving rise to uncertainty about the political situation. Grounds for social protests ...


South Korea Without a Prime Minister

On April 20, 2015, South Korean Prime Minister Lee Wan-koo was forced to resign amid a corruption scandal. While corruption is part and parcel of political life in South Korea, this latest resignation differs somewhat from previous ones. It should be noted that the role of prime minister in the South Korean political system is not especially ...


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