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Shanghai Institute for International Studies and The Belfer Center Second International Expert Forum

... international crises, preventing nuclear war and ensuring strategic stability in the world. Other multilateral mechanisms at the regional and global level that could be used in crisis management were also touched upon. Leading international researchers from China, the USA, and Russia took part in the round table. Russian side was represented at the event by Andrey Kortunov, RIAC Director General.


We are at war with the West. The European security order is illegitimate

... country started this war, in fact Russia started it. «I was not for this particular scenario, but it happened. And I support my country. The West committed several aggressions. We are now on the same moral level, we are equal, we are doing more or less like ... ... moral superiority. But we are fighting an existential war». Sanctions are getting tighter. Will Russia become more dependent on China? «There is no question about that: we will be more integrated and more dependent on China. It has positive elements but ...


Time for a Consolidated Russian-Chinese Approach to Modernize and Reform UN

The United Nations is much bigger than its Security Council, all the importance of UNSC notwithstanding When it comes to reforms of the United Nations, it is indispensable for China and Russia, as long-time UN champions and supporters, to take the lead in promoting bottom-up approach to UN reforms. Moscow and Beijing have already accumulated a lot of experience in working together in drafting UN Security Council (UNSC) resolutions, in setting agendas for ...


The U.S. Wants To Turn Ethiopia Into Bosnia

... to usher in another so-called “Scramble for Africa”. The U.S. and its allies would strategically benefit from this outcome since it would enable them to more effectively divide and rule Africa in a way that could reduce the influence of Russia, China, and other multipolar countries there across the ongoing New Cold War. In other words, Ethiopia isn't just defending its own sovereignty by pushing back against America's Hybrid War, but also all of Africa's. The US feels threatened not only by PM Abiy's pragmatic attempts to ...


Analyzing The American Hybrid War on Ethiopia

... operandi is identical to the one that it relied upon in its hybrid war on Syria. In the Ethiopian context, the U.S. hopes to forcefully “Balkanize” the country, whether de jure or de facto through an extreme form of federalization. The point is to punish Ethiopia for balancing between China and the U.S., which showed other Global South states that such a pragmatic approach is possible instead of the U.S.-practised zero-sum one. Nevertheless, the U.S. might still fail. The ENDF and other security services retain control throughout all ...


20-year Cooperation Treaty between Iran and Russia: Bilateral Strategic Partnership or Disappointing Agreement

... extending this treaty or changing it into a comprehensive long-term strategic agreement will provoke a negative reaction from the United States yet again, and such a reaction has already been the case with the 25-year cooperation document between Iran and China. Since the United States basically seeks political and economic isolation of Iran, any cooperation of Iran with any country is in violation of this policy in Washington. The White House has sought to weaken Iran’s economy over the past few years by pursuing a ...


The IX Moscow Conference on International Security

... of participants blamed flawed United States policies for the deteriorated situation in Afghanistan. A stable, peaceful and strong Afghanistan is a prerequisite for regional peace, stability, development and prosperity. Afghanistan is situated at the junctions of ancient trade routes connecting Central Asia, South Asia, East Asia, Eurasia, Russia, China, and through Gwadar-Pakistan to the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Afghan peace is crucial for the whole region. Zamir Ahmed Awan


Extending the Russia-China Friendship Treaty: To What Extent Will Isolation and Great Power Rivalry Push China and Russia Closer Together

... insistent on obtaining a management stake in projects due to their high risk and high costs; Russia has thus far been reluctant to grant such concessions leading to many high-profile deals falling through. Reasons for Skepticism Going Forward Russia and China have undeniably been increasing cooperation politically, militarily, and economically in recent years. This can partially be attributed to increased isolation on the world stage by both parties, but this is not necessarily a “marriage of convenience”, ...


Dynamics of Vaccine Diplomacy

... China’s vaccine distribution contrasts with vaccine nationalism in the U.S. and the European Union. Taking advantage of this impassivity in the West, China is expanding its global influence. One striking pattern in Chinese vaccine diplomacy is that most countries to which China is shipping doses are members of its Belt and Road Initiative, an infrastructure project designed to increase Chinese economic power worldwide. Through vaccine diplomacy, China may also hope to garner support for its stance on Taiwan. Similarly,...


The Road to Peace and Cooperation in Europe and the World

... might go along if domestic polling numbers favored this as a way to create world peace and to offload a world policeman role that the American people no longer want to bear. Especially if President Putin had also discussed this matter with India and China as soon as he found out that Chancellor Merkel was interested, everyone could see the possibility that all the five permanent members and the developing nations might all go along. Once the larger Third World realized that the veto they hate and the lack of their representation ...


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