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Japanese Nationalism: an Obstacle to Better Relations with Russia?

... day, 7 February, is known in Japan as Northern Territories Day, referring to Japan’s dispute with Russia over the South Kuril Islands. How would you comment on this rather unusual step by Prime Minister Abe? What reaction might it cause in Japan ... ... semi-governmental corporation, NHK, and a popular writer, Naoki Hyakuta, has put forth a justification for Japan’s aggression against China and its attack on Pearl Harbour without a declaration of war. This caused a very angry reaction on the part of the US Department ...


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  1. In your opinion, what are the US long-term goals for Russia?
    U.S. wants to establish partnership relations with Russia on condition that it meets the U.S. requirements  
     33 (31%)
    U.S. wants to deter Russia’s military and political activity  
     30 (28%)
    U.S. wants to dissolve Russia  
     24 (22%)
    U.S. wants to establish alliance relations with Russia under the US conditions to rival China  
     21 (19%)
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