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European Energy Woes

... hope to share some of the findings and research conducted. In this first post of two-part special, a Europe-Russia focused question and answer session is outlined with Dr. Tatiana Mitrova, whereas in the subsequent second post, coming later, we look at China-Russia. Europe-Russia ‘Special Deal Severed’: In normal day-to-day life Europe has a stable and diversified supply structure. It is currently doing enough to diversify its supplies so it does not undermine its energy security,...


Wild World – Dr. Adrian Pabst Interview

... private and public sector investment within and across eurozone countries and EU member-states. As I said at the start of this interview, the euro predicament reflects in large part the condition of the world economy that is characterised by a growing divergence ... ... Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, Moscow is likely to stop looking West and instead go East – as soaring trade levels with China already foreshadow. However, Russia remains a European power – part of Europe’s non-West alongside Turkey ...


Central Asia: Energy Meadow – Dr. Rico Isaacs Interview

... some years in Central Asia, in particularly in Tajikistan, due to the civil war there and the fact that Russia was acting as a peacekeeping force. So its overall military interest is to continuously have a foothold in the region. However, the role of China in the region, the American war in Afghanistan since 2001 and the European Union which has been gaining an interest there since 2006-2007 in an attempt to exploit Central Asia’s need to diversify its energy exports – have impacted upon ...


Russian-Chinese Cooperation is the Key to Prosperity in the Asia-Pacific Region

... the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Interview Ongoing processes in the Asia-Pacific region are clearly gaining global significance, while experts indicate that we may be witnessing the emergence of a new type of international relations. This interview with Pan Dawei, Director of the Center for Russian Studies at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, focused on this issue, and also touched upon the broader situation in the Asia-Pacific region, the roles played by China and Russia in the region, and the future of Russia-China relations. How would you comment on the developments taking place in the Asia-Pacific region? We are witnessing a major transformation of the world system; its focus is shifting toward the ...


Territorial disputes in the APR. Interview with Alexei Fenenko

... missile-technologies donor for ten yeas now. The second priority is energy sources export. Given a pipeline construction to China (Eastern Siberia – the Pacific Ocean) Russia has got opportunities to supply energy sources to the region. Extension ... ... its dominions - at the request of the US President Franklin D. Roosevelt - signed the UN Declaration on a par with the Empire. Interviewed by Daria Khaspekova , Progamme assistantv Natalia Evtikhevich , Programme manager


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