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Russia-India Gape May Be Widened Further

... believes India may become a security risk for SCO and leaks internal sensitive information to America. Indian role in SCO is doubtful already. India is serving American interests in the region and creating security risks to the regional powers like China and Russia. Indian role in the South China Sea, Pacific Ocean, Middle-East is in line with American interests, while China and Russia may feel odd. India had milked the former USSR in the past, and milking the US currently, and may turn its face if the US is no longer ...


Russia Moves East, India West, Straining Ties

... Russia are all members of BRICS and of SCO; Moscow could work harder making these institutions more efficient in reaching common denominators for even highly sensitive security and development issues. There is also a separate mechanism of the Russia-India-China trilateral consultations, which deserves more attention than it gets today. Andrey Kortunov: Eight Principles of the “Greater Eurasian Partnership” The future of Eurasia at the end of the day depends largely on the future of the China-India ...


Experts Discuss the Near Future of the Asia Pacific Region

... and the rivalry with China. The former leaves the country with deteriorating service sector, rising unemployment and exacerbating inequality, which creates additional economic and social pressure on the country. On the other hand, the conflict with China pushes India to increase its military spending and look for new arms contracts. Firm in the position to safeguard its zone of influence in the Pacific Ocean, India will inevitably seek for help to contain and deter China, which automatically navigates it away ...


RECP, START and Germany´s Indo-Pacific Strategy

... he said.“ However, if one looks at the present Sino-Indian border conflict and the rising assertiveness and nationalism on both sides, it is hard to imagine, at least for the foreseeable future, a harmonious Eurasian Heartland cooperation between China, Russia and India to exist. Even if Russia tried to mediate and support India’s membership in the permanent UNSC, with China blocking all these efforts, raising doubts about a possible Eurasian world, cooperation remains quite unlikely. And while Russia has also ...


BRICS and the Western-Centric Global Film Industry: Possibilities of the Digital Era

... shortage in film industry professionals and impressive talents. The countries also have some of the world’s most reputable learning institutions in the field of cinema, such as Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) (Russia), Beijing Film Academy (China), Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute (India) and others. Third, the BRICS countries have a significant record of successful efforts and a skilled workforce in the fields of digital technology, artificial intelligence and data analysis, which are vital components for a successful streaming ...


‘Selective’ Bipolarity? From a Coalition of War to a Coalition of Sanctions

... valuable member of the anti-Chinese coalition. Delhi has old contradictions with Beijing, which have recently become more acute. But luring India into a tough anti-Chinese coalition led by the United States will be difficult. The history of independent India has its own foreign policy traditions, which do not include subordination to another country. There are also problems in relations with other large countries, which have difficult relations with China. For example, the US partnership with Vietnam and Indonesia has become deeper, but they are far from a coalition against China. Russia, for obvious reasons, cannot be part of such a coalition. Moscow for Washington is a rival, standing somewhere ...


Indo-Chinese Conflict and the Eurasian Heartland

In Russia, be it Russian President Putin, be it former Soviet Prime minister Primakov and his advisor Dr. Kulikov (Russia-India-China model/RIC), be it Karaganov, be it even Dr. Kortunov (RIAC), or the Russian Orientalists, Eurasianism is quite en vogue and not only by its former avangardist Alexander Dugin. Especially Dr. Kortunov in his article "Heartland Reunion: Geopolitical ...


RIAC at the Global Counter Terrorism Council’s Webinar

... possible negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on China’s Belt and Road Initiative. While some experts argued that the current crisis could undermine the Initiative, most experts believe its negative impact may be only short-term. Growing US – China rivalry, India’s policy in the region as well as Quad’s role in Indo-Pacific were also addressed. The meeting brought together Amb. Gautam Bambawale, former Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan and Ambassador to China, Gen. Daya Rathnayake, Chairman of the ...


Coronavirus as a Problem of Fathers and Sons

... United States, the struggle to challenge Donald Trump (73 years old) is between Joe Biden (77 years old) and Bernie Sanders (78 years old). Last year the seventy-year milestone was crossed by the UN Secretary General António Guterres. And this year, the Indian leader Narendra Modi celebrates his seventieth birthday. In China and Russia, Xi Jingping (66 years old) and Vladimir Putin (67 years old), as far as one can judge, do not even think about handing over to possible successors. So far, only German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is only a year younger than Chairman ...


Soleimani’s Assassination Is More than a Crime

... time and no political will around to put together a regional collective security system, one should at least think about a regional crisis management mechanism involving Iran and key neighboring Arab starts. Concerned overseas powers – like Russia, China, India, and EU – could assist in building this mechanism working with their respective regional partners. We should regard the assassination of General Qasem Soleimani as a wakeup call, not as a trumpet of the approaching Armageddon. First published ...


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