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Remarks at the 12th Eurasian Economic Forum

... partner demonstrates in every way possible that your relations are not his priority any longer?”. In my view, there is only one answer to these questions, and it is fairly obvious. It is time to concentrate on implementing the concept of establishing a Greater Eurasia, the most natural and far-sighted today, combining the capacities of the two largest integration projects coexisting on our continent – the EAEU and the EU. It is worth noting that the EU is taking certain steps in this direction, promoting ...


Orders Within Orders: A New Paradigm for Greater Eurasia

... paradigm explicit or merely use it as an implicit conceptual guide, it can complement the foreign policy community’s mental map in important ways. The community is often accused of being reactive, putting forward an abstract idea of an integrated Greater Eurasian space to stall for time in the face of a rising China, even as they claim that Russia had no choice but to react forcefully regarding Ukraine in response to Washington and Brussels’ continued refusal to acknowledge the legitimacy of its interests. An attempt to infuse the Greater Eurasia vision with ...


Will Russia Return to Europe?

... Ukraine. Paradoxically, the only realistic path for a Russian return to Europe today is via Asia. In other words, if Russia cannot effectuate a return to Europe — on acceptable terms — on its own, then it may only be through the creation, jointly with China, India and other Asia partners, of a ‘Greater Eurasia’ that Russia can acquire the expanded negotiating positions and potential it would need for its eventual dialogue with Brussels. The idea of a Russian ‘pivot to the East’ — as it were — obviously has a long history. It was tried ...


The Marco Polo Initiative is born, a network of young European leaders looking to the East

... is now second only to the EU in terms of integration depth. Over 50 countries from all over the world have voiced their interest in signing trade deals with the new union.In 2016 Vladimir Putin and Nursultan Nazarbayev co-proposed a more extensive “Greater Eurasian Partnership” involving the EAEU, the CIS countries, China, India, Iran, and other interested countries and associations of the continent. Since then, the EAEU has been working on the creation of a network of free trade areas in the wider Eurasian space. The Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) negotiated ...


Reflecting on Greater Eurasia and Its Role in the World

... and China together with India, Pakistan and the Central Asian states are ready to offer a qualitatively new set of high technology, investment, banking, transport and other services in the areas of trade and economic cooperation”. Anna Kuznetsova: Greater Eurasia: Perceptions from Russia, the European Union, and China Let’s look at some of these claims in more detail. Firstly, there is little sign that China considers the EAEU as a serious partner. Instead, it prefers to deal with EAEU members on an individual basis. For example, the official Chinese documentation ...


Germany’s Southern Сorridor to Greater Eurasia: Away from Warsaw towards Damascus

... to other geographical regions which may bring greater potential benefits to Germany and other net contributor states. A historic opportunity is opening for Germany to re-enter the Middle East. From Berlin-Baghdad to Berlin-Damascus Anna Kuznetsova: Greater Eurasia: Perceptions from Russia, the European Union, and China Germany’s interest in the Middle East dates back to the turn of the 19th century. The Middle East was a region thirsting for investment in infrastructure and for industrial imports. The Berlin-Baghdad railway was planned to bring German industrial ...


Is the UN relevant anymore to Greater Eurasia?

... to the jaundiced justice of the United States. The growing irrelevancy of the UN As US-facilitated lawlessness abound, can the United Nations play any meaningful role in promoting a semblance of international law? Sooner or later, the people of Greater Eurasia, particularly within the core nations of Russia, China and India may demand a governmental reappraisal of their UN memberships. What does the UN do? Prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons, which, failed in the case of Pakistan, North Korea and possibly Saudi Arabia? Prevent the emergence of Western-backed ...


Greater Eurasia vs Greater Eurabia: The Fault-lines Emerge

... counterbalance it with sovereignty. The New World Order may be stamped on the US dollar and enthused by the West, but it remains a civilizational anathema and a global pipedream. So, while the EU – a political construct – slowly disintegrates, Greater Eurasia continues to build. China and Iran recently revived their ancient Silk Road links via a new rail network on Feb 15. India and China are increasing cooperation despite unresolved border issues. Russia, China and India are subtly bridging the antagonistic chasm between Israel ...


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