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Power without Soft Power: China’s Outreach to Central Asia

... exercise (TSENTR-2019) held this year in the Russian Central Military District. The aim of the exercise was to test the readiness levels of the Russian army and interoperability between regional partners, while simulating a response to terrorist threats in Central Asia. China represented the largest foreign contingent, deploying some 1,600 ground and air troops from the PLA Western Theatre Command and nearly 30 planes and helicopters, including H-6 bombers. However, in the Chinese perception, Central Asian countries ...


The IX Moscow Conference on International Security

... policies for the deteriorated situation in Afghanistan. A stable, peaceful and strong Afghanistan is a prerequisite for regional peace, stability, development and prosperity. Afghanistan is situated at the junctions of ancient trade routes connecting Central Asia, South Asia, East Asia, Eurasia, Russia, China, and through Gwadar-Pakistan to the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Afghan peace is crucial for the whole region. Zamir Ahmed Awan


Pakistan’s New Geo-Economic Grand Strategy is Multi-Alignment at Its Finest

... conceptualized as N-CPEC+), while China is pioneering the so-called “Persian Corridor” to Iran via Tajikistan and Afghanistan. The U.S., meanwhile, aims to use PAKAFUZ as a means for expanding its economic influence in the post-withdrawal Afghanistan and the Central Asian republics (CARs). The gist of Pakistan’s grand geo-economic vision is to encourage a friendly form of “competitive connectivity” between all relevant countries (Russia, China, Iran and the U.S.) through Afghanistan, which will serve as a convergence point of their economic interests. The more each stakeholder invests in Afghanistan, the less likely it is that any of them will seek to unilaterally destabilize the country ...


Moscow Is Still Central Asia’s Top Security Ally

... military posture. FOI - Swedish Defence Research Agency , 1-96. Korolev, A. (2019). On the verge of an alliance: Contemporary China-Russia military cooperation. Asian Security , 15(3), 233-252. Jardine, B., & Lemon, E. (2020). In Russia’s Shadow: China’s Rising Security Presence in Central Asia. Kennan Cable, 52, 351-368. Stent, A. (2019). Putin’s World. Russia against the West and with the Rest. New York: Hachette Book Group, 1-447. Sucu, A. E. (2017). The Importance of Russian Military Presence in Central Asia for Russia’s ...


Territorial Disputes in Central Asia: Myths and Reality

... statements of individuals who often act in their own interests. For example, an article with the title "Why Kazakhstan seeks to return to China," which is given as an example in the publication " Land leases and territorial claims of China in Central Asia and the South Caucasus ," was written by an anonymous blogger with just over 80 thousand subscribers (insignificant number according to the Chinese standards). An analysis of how the news was spread geographically by international media,...


Prospects for the Fight against Extremism and Terrorism in the Central Asian Region

... currently cooperating with Al Qaeda and the Pakistani terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba. In the late 1990s, the IMU consisted of several hundred Uzbek and Tajik militants. In contrast, today it includes hundreds of thousands of militants from all the Central Asian countries, as well as China, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Chechnya. The ultimate reasons for the rise in extremism in Uzbekistan lie in its political, socioeconomic and inter-ethnic problems, which are especially typical of the most populated areas of the Fergana Valley. The Fergana ...


RIAC — DGAP Roundtable on Cooperation in Eurasia

... (RIAC) in cooperation with the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP) hosted a round table discussion related to “The Future of Eurasia: Mapping out Concepts, Practices for Possible Russia-EU-China Cooperation” in the framework of Russia-EU-China-Central Asia Strategic Dialogue on Connectivity On December 4, 2019, Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) in cooperation with the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP) hosted a round table discussion related to “The Future of Eurasia: ...


Connecting Eurasia: Is Cooperation between Russia, China, and the EU in Central Asia Possible?

... that they need each other’s support and involvement if this Eurasian transport corridor is to be successfully completed. There is one more land corridor between China and Europe under the Silk Road Economic Belt that passes through Central Asia, the China-Central Asia corridor. This one, however, bypasses Russia. Also, China has already been heavily investing in the construction of this corridor. EU-Russia cooperation: science fiction? As diplomatic relations between the EU and Russia remain at an all-time ...


Envisioning Opportunities for U.S.-Russia Cooperation in and with Central Asia

The Working Group on the Future of U.S.-Russia Relations’ Report Central Asia stands out as a comparatively “nontoxic” region where there are limited, but not insignificant, opportunities for U.S.-Russia collaboration both bilaterally and within multilateral frameworks: in the space industry, civil security, job-creation ...


The Elephant in the Room: Views on Connectivity

RIAC and DGAP held a roundtable "Connecting Eurasia: EU — Russia — ChinaCentral Asia Strategic dialogue on connectivity". Maria Smekalova discussed the meaning of connectivity and the ongoing projects with Fabienne Bossuyt and Feng Shaolei On December 4, 2018, in cooperation with DGAP RIAC held a roundtable “ Connecting ...


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