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Waiting for the Intra-Afghan Dialogue to Begin

... actually do it. The thing is, if we do not see any real steps made in the intra-Afghan process, then the Americans will find it increasingly difficult to put on a happy face. This is what makes the joint call of the special representatives of Russia, China, Iran and Pakistan for foreign troops in Afghanistan to “withdraw in an orderly and responsible manner to ensure a smooth transition” published on May 18, 2020, particularly relevant. Both the government of Afghanistan and U.S. officials have made it clear that they are ready to open the ...


What the SCO Summit in Bishkek Confirmed

... other places, regions adjacent to Central Asia and China), as they lost control over a significant part of Syria. This development demonstrates a link between the two crisis-affected regions, especially since the majority of terrorists migrating to Afghanistan are natives of Central Asia and Muslim-populated regions of Russia and China. Such activity is unequivocally viewed as an immediate threat to the stability in the regions to the north and northeast of Afghanistan. The SCO member states have repeatedly, and at various levels (including the very highest level), expressed their ...


Envisioning Opportunities for U.S.-Russia Cooperation in and with Central Asia

The Working Group on the Future of U.S.-Russia Relations’ Report Central Asia stands out as a comparatively “nontoxic” region where there are limited, but not insignificant, opportunities for U.S.-Russia collaboration both bilaterally and within multilateral frameworks: in the space industry, civil security, job-creation mechanisms and rural human capital, and knowledge sharing for instance. Any proposal of U.S.-Russia cooperation in a concrete domain will have to be made in a tri- or-multipartite...


Escape from Responsibility: the U.S. Is Looking for a Way Out of Afghanistan

... vigilance of all parties involved in the Afghan conflict is growing. The attitude to the situation of Russia and China is particularly important. In a climate of the armed conflict between India and Pakistan, the effectiveness of the SCO is questioned. China remains committed to providing resources for the state reconstruction, as it was agreed between all parties . At the same time, Beijing is not interested in creating of “safe haven” for terrorist groups in Afghanistan because of the Uighur issue. For Russia, the problems of countering international terrorism and controlling drug trafficking are traditionally important. Ruslan Mamedov: The Inter-Afghan Talks: Transforming the Taliban The abrupt withdrawal ...


South Asian Gas Market: It’s Time to Mount an Offensive

... with an annual capacity of 12.4 billion cubic metres from a terminal in Karachi to Lahore. Although the actual entry point for the pipeline is Gwadar, it is possible that Karachi will be used to transit gas to China. Iran’s energy partnership with China could transform into a political partnership, effectively cutting India off from Central Asia and Afghanistan. India’s possible withdrawal from the project could also have a number of negative consequences for both New Delhi and Moscow. Under the worst-case scenario, India may lose all of its pipeline gas delivery projects, in which Pakistan is ...


Bonus for the “Big Eight” in Qingdao: Some Thoughts on the SCO Summit

... place in Beijing on the eve of the Qingdao summit. However, serious interest in increasing the SCO’s activities regarding Afghanistan expressed at the meetings has not yet been substantively documented (as a result of which the Declaration merely “summed ... ... feasibility and orientation of future steps taken by the SCO to facilitate the peace process in this country. Andrey Kortunov: China and the US in Asia: Four Scenarios for the Future A few years ago, one of the main topics of conversation with regard to ...


China and Russia are quasi allies … On strategic affairs Russia and India have serious conversations only at top level

... opportunities that have been missed in the last 30 years. How would you characterise the Russia-Pakistan relationship? Pakistan is an important player, we want to be involved, have a relationship with them. But they are not in the same category as China or India. Is Russia supporting Taliban in Afghanistan? We are playing a very complicated game – sometimes we support somebody, sometimes we help somebody else. Taliban is also different. When we saw the US going in with ground troops we were aghast. That was a disaster. Now it’s different ...


The False and True Philosophies behind the War in Afghanistan

... influence in Afghanistan in concert with its economic and trade interests. Recently, China stepped up its efforts as a mediator and broker of peace in Afghanistan. In fact, the first round of the trilateral dialogue at the level of foreign ministers of China, Afghanistan and Pakistan in December 2017 is an indication of the shifting geopolitical landscape in the region. These Chinese efforts are in line with that country’s economic projects in Afghanistan, Pakistan and beyond. China is also a party to ...


India-Afghan Nexus: Impact on CPEC

... Hence it is inevitable here to raise the argument that real game changer of the region is also CPEC project being inclusive which is neither restricting Afghanistan nor India. The comment came a week after a meeting took place between representatives of Afghanistan, China, Pakistan and the United States in Oman, in which the revival of peace talks with the Taliban was discussed. Hence both Afghanistan and India should also perceive the CPEC project a threat to them. It also pertinent to discuss here that US backing ...


India and China are at the brink of war Afghanistan needs a wise decision

... the geostrategic spot of Afghanistan, the country would be in one way or the other involved in a struggle of leadership between Delhi and Beijing, on one hand, there is America-Japan-India pact which is to be coming to existence, on the other hand, China-Pakistan-Russia accord makes its way forward.It is really inflexible for the landlocked country (Afghanistan) to position itself between the above-said giants. If Afghanistan complies with Chinese initiative, it will risk the loss of its strategic partners; America, India and Japan. Afghanistan totally depends on Washington and in somehow on Delhi ...


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