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RIAC at the Meeting of Confederation of Finnish Industries Board of Directors

On November 18, 2019, the Board of Directors of East Office of Finnish Industries, uniting 25 leading industrial corporations of Finland with a total of more than EUR 10 billion investment in Russia, met in Moscow. On November 18, 2019, the Board of Directors of East Office of Finnish Industries, uniting 25 leading industrial corporations of Finland with a total of more than EUR 10 billion investment in Russia, met in Moscow. Andrey Kortunov,...


What Insurance Can Offer for Global Cyberspace Stability and Resilience

What cyber insurance is and why it matters While on a recent business trip to Russia, RIAC web editor Anastasia Tolstukhina met up with Dr. Andreas Kuehn, Senior Program Associate of the EastWest Institute to discuss the EastWest Institute’s recent report “ Cyber Insurance and Systemic Market Risk ”. The report jointly developed ...


Russian Companies Breaking Into the Brazilian IT Market

... developed countries, but specialists from Russia, China, and India might find what it offers quite competitive in terms of both salaries and living standards. It should also be noted that the IT segments growing particularly in Brazil are those where Russian businesses can be quite competitive. These include information security (expected to be the fastest growing segment in 2019) and cloud technologies (fourth fastest growing). There is an explanation for that. Brazil ranks first in the world for phishing ...


Bahrain: A Small Country with Big Opportunities?

... support for financial interaction with Russia and the readiness of regulatory agencies to create conditions for placing Russian securities on the markets also attests to this opportunity. Bahrain also has the potential to be a suitable site through which Russian business can access the financial markets of the region. Partial isolation of major Russian banks from the European and American financial markets, the growing pressure of sanctions on trade cooperation, the need for alternative sources of stable financing ...


Russia-China Business Forum Expects 150,000 Chinese Companies to Work

Organizers of the upcoming Russian-Chinese "Great Opportunities for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses" forum expect some 150,000 Chinese companies to enter the Russian market in the coming years, Russia's business ombudsman Boris Titov told Sputnik Thursday. "No less than 150,000 Chinese companies are supposed to enter the Russian market within the next few years. This is the result expected by the forum organizers," Titov said. The second Russian-Chinese ...


Russia and ASEAN. Key Cooperation Projects

... projects in Indonesia and Myanmar. FreshOffice is a platform that brings together a set of applications that are essential for business management. In 2014, the company launched its first overseas office in Singapore to promote turnkey solutions for small ... ... medium-sized enterprises. The company plans to launch its products on the Malaysian and Indonesian markets. LifePay is one of Russia’s largest payment services. The company established itself on Southeast Asian markets after it purchased iBoxPro,...


Better than a “Global Player”. Interview with Yandex Product Marketing Director

... integral part of almost every product of Yandex. We can compete, and by “us,” I mean not just Yandex, but Mail.Ru and Pavel Durov’s instant messaging system Telegram. We’re OK when it comes to brains, but as to the ease of doing business in Russia, I would rather withhold any comments. People constantly assess sites by their actions. There is little doubt that if a person after the search visited some site and never returned to that search query, he did find what he wanted. Thus, he has ...


Italian-Russian Business Relations: Problems, Cooperation and Perspectives for the Future

... Americans), especially in sectors that are under sanctions. AFP / Ernesto Ferlenghi Do you think that economic sanctions and political tensions, besides inflicting economic damages, will potentially undermine the trust of Russian businessmen in their Western partners, the Italians in particular? Or will such issues remain only at the political level? Personally, I don’t think that sanctions have destroyed the long-standing relationship of trust between the Italians and Russians....


Opportunities for Bringing Russian and Indian Businesses Closer Together

... opportunity for this, inter alia, within the framework of other efforts to establish a free trade area (FTA) with India, which was proposed by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs in March 2013. What makes the Indian market attractive for domestic Russian businesses, and what benefits can the Russian private sector gain from the convergence of the two economies? Microbarometers of cooperation We can single out a number of economic incentives that encourage countries to participate in the integration process....


Famous Russian Restaurateur A. Rappoport: Today many Western partners are afraid to deal with the Russians

... difficult to single something out, but, especially in Russia, I always face some kind of conflict, which is not possible under the British law. Every time you have to figure out how to accommodate this or that right to a given situation. In my view, Russian lawyers and businessmen should not face such problems. Could you share your experience of dealing with Eastern (Chinese) capital and businessmen? Do Western practices differ from Eastern ones? It is impossible to know everything all by oneself; there are dozens of ...


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