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BRICS+ 2.0: Toward a polycentric world order

... director at the Valdai Discussion Club in Russia. Adriel Kasonta: When it comes to regional cooperation in the Global South, traditional (Western) integration theories don’t seem to be giving justice to this non-Western phenomenon, especially when BRICS is concerned. Would you be so kind as to explain the nature of BRICS in the context of the South-South cooperation and tell our readers Russia’s role in this project? Yaroslav Lissovolik: The role of BRICS is first and foremost [to expand] the ...


BRICS+: It’s Back With Scale and Ambition

The BRICS+ format is back and is at the very center of the discussions surrounding China’s chairmanship in the grouping After several years of being relegated to backstage of the BRICS agenda, in 2022 the BRICS+ format is back and is at the very center ...


India Is Irreplaceable Balancing Force in Global Systemic Transition

... India hopes to serve as a bridge between them as well as a balancing force within each against their most radical elements. Managing Bi-Multipolarity It is for this reason that India has sought to play leading roles in multilateral platforms the Quad, BRICS, and the SCO. The first one serves as its means for balancing China’s rise in what India hopes will be a friendly, gentle, and non-hostile way compared to the new AUKUS alliance’s non-friendly, harsh, and hostile one. BRICS and the SCO, meanwhile,...


The Dilemmas of the Global South

... pan-continental platforms in Eurasia, Africa and Latin America into one common platform that would cover the bulk of the developing world with important implications for the future evolution in global governance. On the other hand, the issue of the BRICS expansion that emerged in May 2022 suggests that rather than the aggregation of regional integration groups of the Global South under the banner of BRICS+ a different track is entertained by China and its BRICS partners that targets increasing the ...


South Africa’s Position on Ukrainian Crisis

... to test the traditionally friendly relations between Russia and South Africa. The events in Ukraine have acquired a wide international resonance, with many nations publicly discussing the hostilities. South Africa, as a projected continental leader, BRICS member and the only full-fledged African participant to the Group of 20, could not stand aside, having to formulate an official stance towards the Ukrainian crisis. South African official position Andrey Kortunov: Restoration, Reformation, Revolution?...


What Could Take BRICS Forward?

The new geopolitical realities recalibrate the agenda for BRICS, making certain initiatives in finance or food security urgent for all member countries The dialectics of any association’s progressive evolution entails periods of growth, agenda expansion, predominance of centripetal forces, crisis passing,...


Can BRICS Underpin a New World Order?

If China’s vision of BRICS+ provides the broadest horizontal span of the Global South, Russia’s vision of BRICS+ prioritizes the depth and alignment of integrating BRICS states’ priority regional projects Amid an unprecedented spike in global geopolitical risks, the ...


The Success of Small Countries or What’s Wrong With Being XXL in the World Economy?

... platforms could be created on the basis of existing arrangements and economic blocs — in the case of G20 there could be a case for creating a regional R20 composed of the regional integration blocs where G20 countries are members. Similarly, for the BRICS, a BRICS+ format that brings together regional integration arrangements where BRICS economies are members provides for smaller emerging markets to deliver their contribution to the process of economic integration in the Global South. Source: Valdai....


Revisiting the R5 Paradigm

... the possibility of using Chinese Yuan for settlements in lieu of Saudi’s oil deliveries to China. Back in 2017 the Valdai Club advanced the R5 initiative that was meant to bolster financial settlements and transactions in the national currencies of BRICS members. An extension of this initiative was the R5+ concept that involved the extension of the use of national currencies not only to BRICS members but also to the regional partners in regional integration arrangements and the respective regional ...


BRICS+2.0: Integration Reloaded

The regional BRICS+ format is the only feasible platform for economic integration alliances to be finally launched among the BRICS countries after an extended period of limited economic advances in the sphere of common economic integration The regional BRICS+ format ...


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